How TO Buy Your First Handgun 101

How To Buy Your First Handgun 101

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If you’ve put off buying a handgun for personal protection because you’re confused with the large number of handguns to choose from, don’t know what questions to ask, AND are intimidated about going into a gun store.

This Video “How to buy Your First Handgun 101″ will walk you through the whole process of choosing the right handgun, the right ammo, and all the safety issues you’ll need to know.

  • Firearm Safety

    Discover the 5 key safety rules when handling or operating a firearm.

  • Handgun Terminology

    Discover the main types of handguns which features they have and how to operate them.  This also has easy to follow diagrams

  • Pros And Cons Of Different Handgun Styles

    Learn why certain handguns may work best for you, and the differences between them.

  • What to Consider When Purchasing Your New Handgun

    We help you determine the main things that will help you find the perfect handgun for you

  • Cleaning and Storage

    Learn how to properly clean and safely store your handgun

  • Going to the Shooting Range

    The best way to take advantage of an indoor and outdoor shooting range, and why it’s important to practice with your new firearm at the shooting range.

  • Bonus Features

    We will recap the video and tell you about the special bonus features

  • Ammunition Styles

    What the different styles and types of ammunition are and how to choose the proper one for your needs.  Not knowing this could lead you to having to strong or worse yet too weak of ammo


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    Some of my customers watched this and commented “Wow!  I’ve been around guns for a while and I’ve even learned new things” – Katie, Texas

    Being a woman that owns guns I’ve always been a little intimidated by going into gun stores, after watching this video I feel much more comfortable. – Veronica, MA

    Without this DVD I’m not sure how I would have ever picked the right handgun…I even bought 3 copies for my closest friends… – Charles, Wisconsin


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