All I can say is, “WELL DONE!!”

I have to tell you, I ordered and picked up my Bond Texas Defender in
.38 Spl/.357 Mag about a month and a half ago.  At the same time I
ordered the gun, I placed an order with you for the black over sized
grips, black rubber slip over grip, black horizontal hip holster and
a second barrel…3.5″, chambered for .45 Colt/.410 Shotgun.  I was
extremely impressed from the very beginning.  Fit, finish, action and
overall quality were beyond my expectations, and those were pretty high.
Unfortunately, competing schedules and work prevented me from getting
to the range for almost three weeks.

When I did, all I can say is, “WELL DONE!!”  You and your team have
absolutely set the bar for handgun production, especially for a niche
weapon such as this.  I had done a quite a bit of research before
purchasing mine, so when I did get it to the range, I found that all
of the positive comments I had read were spot on, and the very few
negative comments I had read were simply just not the case for me.

As soon as I received the derringer, I immediately purchased snap
caps in both calibers for the two barrels I had ordered.  By the time
I made it to the range, I had already dry fired it extensively with
the snap caps.  One of those very few negative comments I had read
talked about the discomfort of cocking the weapon and that the
trigger pull is too heavy…to the point that it’s slightly
uncomfortable.  Maybe dry firing with snap caps is what helped, but I
found the action extremely solid and not uncomfortable to cock or fire in the least.
While I don’t have a trigger pull scale,

I found the trigger pull on my Texas Defender to be crisp, clean and entirely acceptable if not
perfect for the type of firearm it was designed for.  I’m not a big
guy, but I personally found the derringer a dream to shoot…recoil
was simply not an issue for me.  I fired 50 rounds of 45 colt, 50
rounds of .38 Special and a handful, (maybe 6), of 2 3/4 .410 000
Buck in that one session, and frankly, if I’d had more ammo, I’d have
kept going, ha!  I don’t doubt that if I had fired that same amount
in exclusively .410 and .357Mag, the story might be different.  As it
is, I could not be more satisfied, and thoroughly intend to purchase
additional barrels in the future.  This has quickly become my “go to
gun,” and I rarely go anywhere without it, even when carrying my
primary CCW.

I apologize for the rambling, but wanted to personally add my
overwhelming endorsement for your product and say congratulations
again on a job very well done!  Look forward to more great products
from Bond!

Very Respectfully,

Kent B.