American Made

Unless this Bond Arms Company down in Granbury Texas gets taken over by the Hindus or somethin’, you WON’T beat the product, sales or service they offer.
Bear in mind before you buy, Deringers were never meant to be the first line of defense unless the only other thing ’ya got is a screwdriver.
However, once you set this rascal off in a close crowd [shooting range of course] you’ll have the youngins’ scurrying for cover and askin’ if you hit anything later.
Seriously though, the .45-.410 and my NEWLY aquired .38-.357 barrel is a great DETERRENT at close range for them that may not get a second chance.
Bond Arms said it right. Think twice.
Thanks Gordon, Joe, Travis, and Charlie for your fine QUALITY Firearm and Service !
Rick Speth – Monument, Colorado