Bond Arms Ranger saves my life!

Dear Gordon, I own three Bond Arms Derringers. My Snake Slayer, and two Rangers. I have a concealed carry license, and carry on a daily basis being a business owner. Today, I actually had to pull my Ranger out of my driving holster and unfortunately, had to use it to protect myself. Even though still somewhat shaken by the incident, I am alive. I was staring down the barrel of a 1911 45 of a bad guy, that wanted to rob me. I was able to pull my Bond Arms Ranger loaded with 410 OOO Buckshot. The damage to him was devastating to say the least at 6 yards. Local law enforcement officials actually thought I had shot him 5 times. I only shot him once, while a bystander kicked his gun away from him. I still had one shot left, and told him, make a move, I got one shot left. He did not survive. I will have to live with that for the rest of my life, but at least I still have my life. My wife also carries a Ranger with the same 4.250 barrel I carry, but in her purse. My next purchase will be for a Driving Holster for her Ranger. She wants to carry hers now, concealed on her person, and not in her purse. It is the perfect combination for self defense. With one motion, you can draw your Bond Arms Ranger, pull the hammer back in the same motion, point and fire. I have trained her in this technique. My family and myself thank you and your staff for making a product built like a tank, is reliable, and does what it was designed to do. I am 52 years old, and having my first grandchild in April 2014. If it wasn’t for you, your staff and your company, my grandchild would have never have known his/her grandfather. I ask that you please do not publish this on your website,unless you can protect my identity, my family and I are suffering enough from this incident, but please share it with your staff. I own my own company and have employees that have worked for me for over 25 years. They are my company. I want your staff to know that what they do each day is important. Someones life may depend on them doing their job correctly. My life did.

Forever in your debt.