Customer / Fireaems Salesman

Temp00-019As a customer and owner of a ranger I am truely impressed with the size and performance, and has become my number 1 concealment firearm. Any time I take it out with friends to the range the gun sells itself, it is absolutly the finest concealment gun I have ever owned. As a firearms salesman I have had customers come in and tell me that they like the calibers of the Taurus Judge and the S&W Governor but they are cumbersom and difficult to draw from a seated position, thats when I introduce the BOND ARMS product line and they sell themselves. Since most situations that require a firearm as deterrent towards aggression are over in one or two shots fired wouldn’t you want the most fire power you could carry? There is nothing like a 3” .410 00 buck to make all your worries disappear.

Submitted by Kevin Urbatch