No Matter the Caliber, It Does the Job!

I just got back from an evening at the shooting range, and boy, did this Bond get some attention from my other shooter friends there! I’ve had the Snake Slayer IV for a while now, and decided to get some more barrels. I went with a .38/.357, a 9MM, and a .22Mag – just because those calibers matched other stuff I have. I wanted to test fire those barrels and see how they printed. The guys were fascinated with how easy it was to change barrels, and with how my targets looked when I got finished. I set each target at 5 meters, ’cause that’s pretty much where you might use this thing in real situations. I started with the original .45C/410 barrel, shooting solid lead .45C slugs. Next came the 9MM, using FMJ’s. Then I bolted on the .38/.357 and used Hornady Critical Defense loads. Last of all, I put on the .22Mag, and put some ArmsCorp down the barrel. Except for one round of .357 that I didn’t keep a good grip on, EVERY SINGLE ROUND went into the 8,9 or X circles on a life-sized silhouette target. (Only 3 or 4 rounds were in the 8 ring.) I’m not a competition shooter by any means, but this thing is solid! I’m very confident in this weapon. Period. Keep it coming, Gordon and team!

Submitted by David Headley