Offering an excellent product, exceptional value and customer service 2nd to none during and after the sale.

I hope this mini review is self explanatory. I will offer a more scientific (?) review with actual measurements and/or pics when my holster arrives. Needless to say I love this Derringer!

COMPANION weapon vs. BACKUP weapon: The definition of a backup weapon from Chuck Taylor’s American Small Arms Academy is a weapon with the “.express save your life on some dark, lonely street or parking lot when you’ve lost your primary handgun”.

I purchased the Snake Slayer as a Companion weapon for my Kimber 1911 or SA XD.
I have opted to exchange my extra magazine of .45’s carried on my weak side for the Snake Slayer in the Bond Arms Driving Holster.

In the past I have always carried a .45 shot shell chambered in my carry weapon due to the critters on the porch at night. I always tried to justify this in my carry weapon by saying if I was in a self defense situation I would fire the first round in my attackers face then use the hollow points for follow up body shots. After reading about The Judge I became intrigued. After researching The Judge I could not justify making it my only carry weapon. Its size and weight made it bigger than I wanted to use as a “backup” weapon as well.

Then I found a Bond Arms ad in my NRA publication. After researching it a couple weeks I decided that I could carry it as a Companion weapon. I will be using it for the following:
1- #6 or #5 Bird shot for the critters around the house.
2- 000 Buckshot for daily carry.

I drive for a living so the idea of a small cross draw weapon that shoots 5, 9mm sized projectiles with each pull of the trigger really opened my eyes. But why would I chose to use 000 Buckshot instead of the .45 in a carjack scenario? Three reasons:
1-The statistics about how many shootings happen at close range
2 -The statistics about how many shots miss their targets in a gunfight.
3 -The ease of drawing a cross draw weapon over the slightly more difficult prospect of drawing from my strong side with my seat belt on.

How many times do we hear that our handguns are to be used until we can get to our long guns? Arguably one of the best self-defense long guns for home protection is the shotgun. Many argue that the best round to use is 000 Buckshot. Why not carry a mini shotgun with you at all times!

This was my thinking but I have read enough negative press on blogs and message boards to still have doubts. I decided to gamble and buy one because I really liked their looks and even the nay sayers agreed that Bond Arms are the best made Derringers on the market. Before I could decide to carry this new weapon I decided to try it at the range on the way home from my local gun shop.

My main concern was about the amount of spread of the 5, 9MM sized projectiles. I did not have my shooters bag with me so this first range test was anything but scientific. Typically I practice shooting at the average distances of known gunfights, 21′ and less. I stood about 12′ – 15′ from my target, which was a paper approximately 11″ X 15″. I loaded the chambers with 2 Winchester 3″ 000 Buckshot. I fired both barrels, reloaded and fired both barrels again. All 20 balls stayed on the paper! This was success enough for me to immediately (the day after I purchased the Snake Slayer) order the Bond Arms Driving Holster.

After the Driving holster arrives I will do a more scientific review of my new Companion Derringer.

So far – for my needs – I LOVE this new weapon. I highly recommend the Snake Slayer if you are purchasing it for the purposes it was designed.
PS. Something I did not stress at all in my initial comments, which also helped me to break this vow was the overwhelming consensus of Bond Arms owners that stated the CUSTOMER SERVICE they received from your company was far beyond anything they expected. Businesses today do not seem to care about their customers anymore. It seems like you are practicing those “Old Fashioned” ways of doing business: Offering an excellent product, exceptional value and customer service 2nd to none during and after the sale.