Thank you, Bond Arms for a quality product.

My wife wanted a derringer for Christmas. I tried to talk her out of it, but a call from Eric Prascak, owner of Mike's Country Store resulted in the purchase of her Century 2000 in .45 Colt/.410. I had never heard of Bond Arms before, but WOW, was I … [Read more...]

“Thank you” for a great AMERICAN product

Coyboy Defender

Hi Gordon, I am so pleased with the Cowboy Defender, that I couldn’t but take some pictures. You are more then welcome to use them for your website or whatever you’d like. They should be of good hi-pixel quality and hopefully transfer easy. I’m just … [Read more...]

First, the quality is second to none!

Of my many defense handguns, my Bond Texas Defender has unexpectedly become one of my favorites. First, the quality is second to none! If it is rarely not my everyday Carry with the pocket holster, I call it my "lounging gun". That is because when I … [Read more...]