Snake Slayer

This one of best if not the best pocket cannon that I have ever owned,my wife bought it for me as a gift to replace the one that was stolen. Very we'll made pistol and will highly recommend Bond Arms to all my friends. … [Read more...]

Snake Slayer Blast

The rain finally stopped long enough for me to get out and release the Snake Slayer. IT WAS AMAZING!!! It delivered what would be some devastating hit's. I highly recommend starting with some bird shot and work your way up. The PDX1 by Winchester is … [Read more...]

My new Cowboy defender

Absolutely love this "little" sidearm! I have the 45/.410 barrel and it shot like a dream. Conceals/carries very well, barely notice it's there. The recoil wasn't much more (extremely manageable) than my Ruger SR9C and it shredded the target! Time to … [Read more...]

USA Defender

I picked up my USA Defender just prior to the 4th of July. Some family , friends , and myself did some shooting on the 4th, and everyone loved my derringer. It is a blast to shoot ( no pun intended ). It looks awesome,it shoots great,and it's built … [Read more...]

Very pleased with Backup

I shot my backup for the first time today. The recoil was much easier than I expected. I was shooting at seven and ten yards and I was pleased with how accurate it was. I also put on the 9mm barrel and loved the way it shot. Definitely a top quality … [Read more...]

Super Service (Thanks Kelly)

I sent my older stye Snake Slayer IV off for the trigger upgrade. It arrived at the Bond Arms factory on 8/6/14. I just got the email today that my Snake Slayer will be delivered via UPS tomorrow , 8/13/14. What incredible service. Bond Arms only had … [Read more...]

Perfect Fit


I had been unable to find a satisfactory way to carry my Texas Defender while riding my motorcycle until I purchased and used the BAD Driving Holster! The fit was perfect and the "usability" was just what I wanted. Thanks, Bond Arms, for providing … [Read more...]


Bought a mini .45 Colt on a whim. Amazing quality and construction. Now I'm looking for a .410 so I can shoot skeet with a derringer. The greatest backup for a Judge! … [Read more...]

45 Backup


Fired my 45 Backup today...loved it...shot at 5 yds and 10 yds good hits on target...moderate recoil, nothing of note, would recommend this as a great backup gun...small, potent and accurate...also very easy to hide on your it! Ron … [Read more...]