Carry pistol load is .410-000 in lower barrel and .410-slug in upper. Great rapid fire accuracy at close range. Huge muzzle flash with minimal barrel lift when cued to fire lower round on first shot. Break, eject and reload is quick and easy. The … [Read more...]


I say a hand full, and that is because it fills your hand very well, and also is a positive deterrent being it is the Colt 45 v/s the smaller calibers. It definitely takes practice to return to target fast after the first shot. I love it and … [Read more...]

Need I say more?


Where we live in the foothills of NC we get a lot of copper heads...... well need I say more? Oh and by the way I had a small barrel fit problem when I bought this gun and Bond Arms shipped it back fixed it and got it back to me fast at no cost to … [Read more...]

Love my Snake Slayer!

I took my Snake Slayer to the range. Much more pleasant to shoot than I expected with either 410 or .45 LC. Love the solid construction and feel of the gun. Now with my BAD driving holster, I will be carrying it everywhere! BTW...great customer … [Read more...]

Bond Arms Red Jacket “Bushwacker”


From start to finish this gun is quality and is built like a tank. Smoothed edges, magnificent finish with it's Red Jacket grips. Packaged in hard case. Easy to use and handle. Amazingly surprised at 20 yards grouping was sub 4". Thanks from … [Read more...]



I own a Taurus 45/410 Circuit Judge Carbine and a Taurus 45/410 Public Defender Poly both are a blast, but my new baby, Bond arms Snake Slayer IV is a hoot it is also my new concealed carry. I will admit that 15 to 20 3" 000 buck is all my hand can … [Read more...]

Wow! Love it.


I guess the best thing I like best about this gun is the fact I can carry it in my pocket and just about forget I'm carrying it. I bought my wife the 38/357 bond girl, but she's still nervous about carrying any gun just yet. So I'm overlooking the … [Read more...]

Texas Defender

Yes I received my gun and also the extra barrel later 357/38 special. I have fired the gun and like it, I found the trigger pull a little on the hard side and the video stating to use the tip rather than the first joint of the finger a little … [Read more...]


Just want to thank Nathan Bond for the call...Was having a problem with my Snake Slayer...He took time from his schedule to call me...I believe they care of their customers after they sell an item..Feel like family thanks Nathan Dan Kryger … [Read more...]

Mountain Man

I received the BAD holster and it was all that I could ask for. Very ease to put on and off. I use it every day on my morning 2 mile walk. I carry my C2K with 410 shoot shells the scare the varmits away. … [Read more...]