I bought the Texas Defender with the 38/357 barrel but also purchased the 22 magnum barrel for my wife. The new barrel was a little sticky and after a while it seated and is doing real well. She shot 50 rounds through it yesterday and only had … [Read more...]

Beautiful gun

This gun is beautiful. It is well made and solid. My wife thinks the recoil is about the same as her .38 auto when shooting this .45. This gun has stopping power and easy to conceal. Both my wife and I shoot 21 ft. a total of 16 times and missed the … [Read more...]

Egg Thief

The 1st night I owned this pistol I used it to Kill a Possum in our chicken house. We'd been loosing eggs. I thought it was a snake, I had Win. 2 1/2" super X #4s in it. I shot it at only 4 or 5 ft. in the head & neck, but I was surprised that … [Read more...]

Versatility Plus!

This gun is the most versatile gun I have. I can conceal easily with a smaller grip & 2.5" barrel. I can convert it quickly for a great bed side gun with a longer .410/ 45 barrel and bigger rubber grip. I can't think of a more versatile gun. … [Read more...]

Great Derringer

I bought myself a birthday present of a Snake Slayer IV. I am extremely happy with the fit and finish and overall high quality for this handgun. I wasn't sure how much I'd really use it until I had it with me when I needed it to kill a snake. It can … [Read more...]

Anniversary Gift.

Dear Sirs, Last year for our Anniversary I purchased a Girl Mini as a gift for my wife to replace a larger handgun she always carried but was too heavy. The Mini rarely left her side. Unfortunately last February she passed away so the gun was … [Read more...]

Engraved Bond Arms


I purchased my bond arms, Texas defender with 2 barrels 410/45 and 357/38 on 5/29/10. Sometime later I purchased the Snake Slayer IV barrel, the rosewood extended grip with silver star and display box from the factory. Of all my gun collection this … [Read more...]

USA defender

I love my Bond Arms Derringer! It's not only a great gun but it's fun to shoot and made in Texas just like me. I ordered a .357 barrel as well and can't wait. Only feedback I have is I wish the shipping of accessories wasn't 2-4 weeks. I probably … [Read more...]