Thanks for a great concealed carry weapon!

I picked up my weapon this afternoon. Haven’t had an opportunity to fire it yet but my trigger finger is having fits!! I am impressed by the craftsmanship! This pistol is built like a Sherman tank! Feels kinda like an extension of my hand. My chosen … [Read more...]

Amazing Quality, simple Design, great styling

Amazing Quality, simple Design, great styling, superb ergonomics and kind/courteous customer service! I like most guns. This is one of my favorites. I own more than one, and have multiple barrels. Both my parents own one as well. Thank You … [Read more...]

This is a beautifully made gun.

This is a beautifully made gun. I’ve been interested in purchasing a Bond Derringer since I first saw a magazine ad over ten years ago. I finally decided to take the plunge when I saw a brand new Texas Defender in 45/410 at my local shop at a great … [Read more...]

Very very nice firearm

Very, Very nice Firearm. Truly built like a Tank, and needs to be. Already purchasing accessories, grips and holster, and looking forward to getting a couple of different Caliber Barrels, for more utility. Proud to make a Bond Arms Snake Slayer, Made … [Read more...]

Love it! Love it!!

Love it! Love it!! Feel very safe and comfortable while carrying. Awesome performance at range. Great accuracy. I can find no downsides to this weapon. Again I say, Love it!!!!I’m a Happy..Happy…Happy customer. Thank You Steve Raymor from Michigan … [Read more...]

My Retirement Gift

I love this gun. It has been exactly what I thought it would be. It even patterns better than I thought it would with 410 birdshot. It kicks like a mule with 3" shells but is very comfortable with 2.5". I have carried it in my hip pocket almost daily … [Read more...]

Bond and Bat


I believe it was Bat Masterson of the late fifties TV series by the same name; that put the bug in my ear. I was seven at the time. I couldn't wait for Bat to pull that hidden derringer and bring one of those no good sidewinders to justice. I made a … [Read more...]

hunting. and joy. sadness

Well about one year ago i was searching for a snake slayer. In my area could not find one. Even email Girdon to help. I finally found one and yea the place was asking to much . But i wanted it so bad. What a artful created. Gun. But i was fighting … [Read more...]