Texas Defender = UCAP Trusted Protection

Dear Gordon,

I am a 100% per cent Disabled American (Captain, U.S. Army), seriously injured in the line of duty three decades ago, retired but still Army Strong. The nature of my injuries and limitations imposed on me by my fantastic rehabilitation team composed of medical doctors (specialists) and poly-trauma physical therapists took me out of the shooting game for a lengthy period of time. Well, I finally reached the summit of Rehabilitation Mountain! Cleared to celebrate freedom and liberty once again by shooting handguns, rifles and shotguns without restrictions, I commenced my long awaited celebration by purchasing at my favorite local FFL Dealer a brand new Texas Defender chambered for 410 Bore 2.5” / 45 Long Colt.

During my first trip to the outdoor range to break in my tank-like Texas Defender, first I reviewed the factory owner’s manual to understand completely how to safely operate the Texas Defender, then I loaded up the Defender’s two chambers with 410 shot shells designed specifically for home and personal defense. Having always wanted to visit Texas, I faced northeast before I dropped the hammer on a live primer, confident that upcoming brutal, excessive recoil would propel me backwards at Mach 1 speed in a southwestern direction and would dump me two seconds thereafter on the walls of the Alamo to undertake a lead role in a new TV series, ”Focker, Texas Stranger.”

My anticipation of receiving a free, recoil-related relocation to the Lone State Star proved to be a false hope, as my Texas Defender’s recoil was neither excessive nor heavy. To the contrary, its recoil was totally manageable, although I do recall vaguely that the mouth of the armed bad guy silhouetted on the paper target placed seven meters down range opened once and shouted in Tommy Boy horror, ”Holy Schnikes!” as pellets launched from barrels número uno and número dos shredded his head and torso. I immediately named my Texas Defender ”El Diablito” (Little Devil) to aptly describe its brilliant design, its powerful punch, its precision engineering, its right on the mark size, and its well earned role as undoubtedly the finest ”niche” handgun ever made in the history of fire arms.

Within days of purchase, I placed two separate orders for a 38 Special / 357 Magnum 3.0” barrel and a black leather cross draw (driving) holster in which to tote El Diablito when I am ”out and about” in my pick up truck. Having carried both a Colt M-16A1 5.56 NATO rifle and a Colt M1911A1 45 ACP pistol many years ago to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, it is perhaps paradoxical that my Texas Defender has now become my primary CCW handgun backed up by a inconspicuous, superbly crafted Swedish Fallkniven WM1 fixed blade knife.

Thinking back to my military service, ”danger close” was one recurring ”alerting expression” when operating south of Texas and north of South America. At this time, my Texas Defender is most definitely the ultimate UCAP (pronounced yoo-cap) ”up close and personal” trusted protector of my family, my friends, my neighbors, law enforcement officers under attack, society’s vulnerable persons under physical assault, and myself. Every day of life is indeed a gift from God. Carrying a Bond Arms Derringer 24 7 enables good people one and all to enjoy that wondrous gift of 365 days of life per year without experiencing fear of becoming a helpless, unarmed victim of bad people. Bien hecho, Gordon, bien hecho! Viva El Texas Defender! Viva Bond Arms!

Submitted by Christopher