Customer Review: The Cobra Titan – Cimarron Titan Vs. The Bond Arms Snake Slayer

I compared a Snake Slayer and a Cobra Titan (Cimarron Titan) .45/410 side by side.  The difference in quality in these two guns is like night and day.  You can not only see the difference, you can feel it also.  The lockup is way tighter.  The fit and finish is a lot better too.  You can tell that the cobra titan is a “knockoff” of the bond derringers.

Also, I would like to say a few things about your customer service.  I called the factory and ordered a bad driving holster. I had a few questions, the guy I talked to took the time to answer them for me, I didn’t feel like I was being rushed off of the phone.

I cant wait till it gets here so I can start carrying my new SnakeSlayer.  I have sent a lot of gun warranty/registration cards to different gun factories [glock, springfield, ruger, kimber, etc.] but have never had the owner of the company, or anyone else from the company for that matter email me personally about a comment I put on the card—thanks Gordon.  That was a real surprise to me.  That shows customer appreciation.  I am well satisfied with my purchase and will not hesitate to do business with bond arms in the future, as a matter of fact I can see a ranger in my collection soon!!

Thanks to everyone at bond for a quality product.