The trouble for us is, they are like potato chips—– we can’t have just one.

Almost all guns have an intrinsic beauty, but the mystique and size of a derringer holds a special fascination for my wife and me. And Bond Arms are special to my wife and me. My wife has had a Texas Defender for several years, and I carry my Century 2000 in a pocket holster daily. During a visit to our local gun shop 2 days ago, my wife spied a new Bond Girl Mini with the nicely checkered pink-dyed grip panels. She mentioned it several times that night and I told her to “go get it Honey”. “No”, she said. “I really don’t need it”

While she was out yesterday morning, I slipped out myself back to our local shop and picked one out for her. Thanks to Kentucky law where we live, it was a cash, instant check (no charge) and carry situation. Hid it under the newspaper on the kitchen table, and when she found it and the love note I wrote to her, you would have thought I had bought her a diamond pendant. Today she’s taking it with her to show off to her mom and dad.

Bond guns are so well built and a pleasure to own. They are fun, versatile and wonderful simply to hold. The trouble for us is, they are like potato chips—– we can’t have just one. My own everyday carry is my Century 2000 .45 Colt. It rides effortlessly in my pocket holster, and I have no worries about its reliability. The coil mainsprings are smooth and tough, and the often cited “bank vault lock up” feels so solid. And they are “Made in the U.S.A. to boot. Thanks for what my wife and I think are wonderful guns folks! Now if you could make us a 5 or 6 inch barrel .22 LR with adjustable sights for plinking……….Don