This Gun is a Big Time WINNER

I give CCW classes here in MO. & Have had some students show up with the Judge pistol . I own one & it serves well in the field, Whether on the tractor or humping the woods or river banks.  But its way to big framed for concealed carry.

Now the Bond Arms Texas Defender also chambers the 45colt or 410 & is very concealable, even if you choose their biggest over-under gun,the Snake Slayer IV. They(B.A.)have 6 models to pick from. But You can choose from 15 different calibers & barrel lengths & all will fit your gun with the changing of one screw.
The little gun with a big caliber round like the 45colt or 410 has less recoil than one 62 year young lady students 45 compact.

For a CCW back up or car or truck gun they are great. Some villain jerks your door open at stop light to jack you & your car this Gun is a Big Time WINNER. With proper instruction anyone can use this gun with great results.The Choice of options are many & can be seen on their web sight .