Snake Slayer IV

Snake Slayerbond_arms_snake_slayer_ivThe Snake Slayer IV has a 4 1/4” long barrel (versus 3 1/2” barrel). This longer barreled Snake Slayer provides tighter shot patterns, higher velocities, and even more manageable
recoil than the original Snake Slayer. The Snake Slayer IV will accept all the extra interchangeable barrels and also has the extended grips for added comfort.

To find a firearm dealer near you, CLICK HERE.

To find a firearm dealer near you CLICK HERE.

Barrel:4 1/4″ Comes in either .45/.410, .45Colt Only or .38 Spec./.357 Mag BarrelFeatures:
  • Interchangeable Barrels
  • Automatic Extractor (EXCEPT FOR 9mm,40S&W,10mm and .45 ACP)
  • Rebounding Hammer
  • Retracting Firing Pins
  • Crossbolt Safety
  • Spring-Loaded Cammed Locking Lever (for a tighter barrel/frame fit and Rapid loading and unloading)
  • Stainless Steel with Satin Polish Finish

All Bond Arms barrels will fit this frame, and do come in shorter barrel lengths. Shop for extra barrels here

Weight:23 1/2oz.
Overall Length:6 1/2″Calibers:
  • 4 1/4″ barrel, .410/.45LC (rifled)(included on gun)
    Optional Accessory Barrels:
  • .357 MAG/.38 Spl
  • .45 ACP
  • .45 Colt, Only
  • .45 Glock Auto
  • .44 Special
  • 44-40 Winchester
  • .40 S&W
  • 10 mm
  • 9 mm
  • 32 H & R Mag
  • .22 Long Rifle
  • .22 Mag.
Stocks:Extended Custom Rosewood
Sights:Bladefront and Fixed RearRetail Price:$551.00

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Not Available in California or Massachusetts

Gordon Bond Demonstrates the Snake Slayer: