Midway USA Spotlights The Derringer

The Derringer pistol has been around almost as long as the pistol itself.

Being one of the first truly concealable firearms, the Derringer is still considered by many to be the person protection handgun to bet your life on.

Midway USA’s Gun Stories has spotlighted the Derringer style pistol including our very own Bond Arms Derringer.

The fire breathing Bond Arms Derringer is a serious firearm for sure.

With 12 different models, 20 different barrels and 25 caliber combinations, the Bond Arms Derringer is a truly a modern life-saving piece of firearm technology with a classic and handsome style that made the Derringer pistol created by Henry Derringer so famous.

we hope you enjoyed this amazing clip from Midway USA’s Gun Stories, and enjoy the style, versatility, safety, power and fun of a Bond Arms Derringer for yourself.

  • Tom Jenkins

    I just received my Mini in 45 Long Colt. I was totally impressed with the quality of the firearm. Fit and finish are excellent. I took it to the range and I was impressed to say the least when I fired it. While yes, it does have a kick to it, it is totally controllable. and as for accuracy, I set up a B27 at about 10 feet and I was able to do head shots!!! I was using both the 255 grain lead bullet and a 225 grain soft point. I have had derringers in the past and I was never sure where the bullets were going to land as they always key holed. When you have only two rounds you need to know where they are going. I will continue to practice, just curious to how far I can shoot it, but I really like this firearm! Liked it so much I have a Texas defender on the way in .22 magnum! Can’t wait to “barrel up” with more calibers.

    Thanks for a quality product.


  • Crazy

    curious of your price ranges on the defender….

  • Rudolph Stanley

    Is there full rifling in all barrels except the 410/45?

    • admin

      The rifling in the barrels is dependent on which barrel size you get. All of the calibers have rifling however with the shorter barrels under 4 inches there is about 1/2″ of rifling compared to more on the longer barrels. Hope that helps!

  • James J. Bilenki Jr. USN. Ret.


    I live in the goofy state of Maryland (The Free State. Yea, Right) Our Anti-Second Amendment gun laws that come out of Annapolis make it very difficult to obtain any firearm without giving up our first born & a gallon of our blood. Is there a business here in god ol’ Maryland that I can purchase a Derringer? I live in Anne Arundel County & in Pasadena. Can you help me out?

    James J. Bilenki Jr. USN. Ret.

    • admin

      You can always find local dealers on our find a dealer page here – after putting in your zip code I found we have many dealers close to you. I would advise you check that out and give some of them a call to find which dealers have the Bond derringer in stock you are looking for.

  • http://AFUTUREHISTORY.com TG Barrett

    I understand you upgrade older Bond Arms with new style trigger and hammer. What is required? I have 2 Bonds and 4 barrels (all 45/410).
    If possible I would also like the rubber extended grip and a new trigger guard. I can ship it to you with debit card # to cover cost.

    T.G. Barrett

    • admin

      For upgrades please check our FAQ page here on how to send in your firearm for upgrades.

  • Steve Pickus

    I’m a believer in Bond Arms , my constant companion.
    mine purchased used, is mind blowing repeatable. I get 60% hits in a paper plate at 90 feet using .44 special

    I own .44 special,.22 LR, .22 Mag, .357 mag, .45 LC/.410 in 3 and 4.25 inch, and want 10 mm and .40 S&W

    what fun, I love to study terminal ballistics.

    the quality is there. My Son’s Son will be shooting it.

  • Martial Pepin

    I like my Ranger 2 very much……….
    could you manufacture inserts for the 410, like we use to have in 410 shotguns.
    inserts could be of 22, 38,357. I would prefer 22 magnum. instead of bying a set of barrels at 300.00$ (Canadian) perhaps 75 or even 100.00$ for a set of inserts.
    please consider this seriously…………