CBS Dallas Tours Bond Arms Factory

Local news station comes to tour the Bond Arms factory with Gordon Bond himself!

See where our legendary Bond Arms Derringer is made and how we manufacture “The Smallest, Most Powerful, Best Built, Personal Protection Handgun You Can Carry”

This video is from CBS Local Dallas and is not ours. They deserve the credit for such a great video piece. Thanks guys!


  • Richard

    I have the Bond Texas Defender. I would like to remove the trigger guard. I attempted to use an allen wrench. It seemed to fit the guard screw, but was so hard to turn, I stopped rather than messing up my pistol. Could you please inform me on how to remove the guard, tool required and direction to turn, etc. Should I take it to a gun shop for this removal? Thanks for your time and help. Regards, Richard

    • admin

      Open barrel and in the seat area use a 5/64th. allen wrench to loosen. There is only one screw and you will turn it counter clockwise. The 5/64th. allen is not one we usually include with the gun when you purchase. You can do it your self and it may be very firmly tightened.

      This has also been added to our frequently asked questions page FAQ here.

  • Jerry Dalton

    I totally agree with Larry Zanoff’s thoughts on Bond & Ruger’s American made & Home Grown companies. Rugged, Dependable & made in America by American’s.

  • james shank

    i just resently ordered a bmt holster for my cowboy 410/45lgcolt.
    im very pleased with it. fits hand gun very well thank you so much will injoy for years to com. just order a 22lg barrel.