• Dave Gilbert

    Just a note to let you guys know how pleased I am with my Bond Texas Defender. I recently ordered another barrel and recieved it in just a matter of day, This is not only a quality firearm but a well thought out design. I have the 45/410 barrel that came with it as well as the 40 S&W barrel and am planning on ordering more. I have shot the gun with both barrels and it has become one of my favorite guns to carry as a backup weapon. I find that I carry it more than any other weapon I own and the versatility of it is limitless. Simply change the barrel for the situation that you think you might be in. It might be for hiking with the 410 snake shot or the 45acp or 45colt for self defense none the less thanks for such a great product and rest assured I will be showing mine to friends for them to take a look at. One friend of mine has already purchased on right after seeing mine. thanks again, Dave Gilbert.

  • Roy Isakson

    I own bond arms Texas defender and Ilove it,however one improvement I wish they would consider is to reengineer the hammer. With the existing hammer it is difficult to cock the weapon. Possibly this could be corrected with a different hammer.

    • admin


      Please contact us by phone, Monday – Friday 9am-5pm (CST) 1-817-573-4445 and talk to someone in the office so we can help you.

  • Randy Hamilton

    I just ordered a Snakeslayer IV from a dealer in Georgetown, who said there was a huge backlog in orders. They could not tell me when the gun might be delivered to the dealer. Was wondering if you could give me any idea when the order might be filled.


    • admin


      You may want to give us a call – Please feel free to contact us by phone, Monday – Friday 9am-5pm (CST) 1-817-573-4445

  • Walter Jakubin

    After reading the comments I became very concerned about the trigger pull, I have arthritis and the strength in my hand is not what it use to be. My question is can you special order any Bond pistol with a lighter pull or does it have to be done by my local gunsmith ?

    • admin

      The pull is not difficult, it is different. You pull down and towards you and the pull is very easy. If you have questions you can call us, our phone number is on the website.

  • Ron Poole

    I recently purchased a Bond Arms Snake Slayer – I have several other handguns but this one is by far my favorite. There is very little recoil when firing either the .410 shell or the .45 shell. And it is pretty accurate. It is the one I carry 99% of the time now. I have a permit to carry a concealed pistol and this one is very easy to contain in a jean or jacket pocket. Great pistol!!!!

  • Mark William Jones

    Customer Service,

    I am trying to get information on the new trigger and hammer kit.
    My Texas Defender is of the original design.
    It is a fine gun but the trigger pull is must be addressed. The article in the November addition of “GunDigest” magazine Says that the upgrade to the trigger and hammer is available. However I can not find a way to order the parts. There is no link on your site about it.

    Please advise.

    Mark W. Jones (gunsmith)

  • john r. h.

    When will bond arms .45/.410 derringers be allowed to be purchased in and/or sold in California ? (also LEGAL in Ca.)