Bond Shot Pattern – The Bond Arms .410 & CCI Shotshell Test

The Bond Shot Pattern

The Bond Arms Derringer Shot Pattern

by B. Gil Horman

Handguns chambered to fire .410 shotshells present a unique set of advantages and challenges for shooters. The ability to fire a mix of bullets, slugs, buckshot, birdshot, and specialty .410 loads makes these pistols exceptionally flexible in their applications. However, shot pellet size, barrel length, and barrel rifling all work to influence how shot travels and patterns.

The purpose of this study is to provide a sample of controlled test results to give shooters  a better sense of how .410 shotshells may perform when fired from a handgun.

All three .410/.45 Colt barrel lengths Bond manufactures (The Defender, Snake Slayer, and Snake Slayer IV) were tested to see how they pattern with a selection of .410 ammunitions. Several pistol caliber barrels were also tested with CCI shotshells. Using the links to the left, you can navigate to the test result tables and targets for the specified barrel. A general overview of the test results, and some other tips picked up along the way, are posted under the Lessons Learned section.

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  • Bruce Bolden

    I purchased the snake slayer and I love it. I enjoy shooting this gun more than any other gun I own. In the past two weeks I have killed two water moccasins using two and a half inch seven and a half shotshells. It completely destroyed them. I just ourchased the longer barrel and can’t wait to try it. Thanks for making such a high quality derringer. This is one gun I never intend to sell.

  • Larry R. Pace

    I purchased the Century 2000 primarily for snakes while hunting or just in the woods. I haven’t killed a snake with it yet, but have done lots of patterning with #6 shot and CCI shotshells and am very happy with the results! I’m very confident that any snake will meet it’s maker when I run across one!
    Purchased the driving holster for the derringer and it is one of the very best fitting holsters I’ve ever seen and the workmanship is superb!
    Keep up the excellent work Bond Arms!!

  • Bobby L. Ford Levelland tx

    Hi I got a snakeslayer 4.25 from West Texas Military in Lubbock Tx I love this gun I will kept this so if you havenot shot one please do I have the .45LC/410 so keep up the good works. Bond Arms Bobby Ford


    I have the texas ranger 410 .45 and the .22 mag barrels, I have more fun wtih this gun than any other
    gun that I own, unopened cans of anything that it carbonated is a real blast. keep up the good work thease BOND ARMS guns are very well made I’ll have mine forever THANKS !! “PAPPY”

  • Captain George J. Dowling

    I’ve now, “Sidelined, my 3, “.45’s”; [Springfield XD & the XDm, also, my Taurus, Millenium PT145]; replaced my Concealed Carry Gun, with my “Snake Slayer IV”, with the”Driving Holster”. I find, [personally], i’d rather chamber, 2, 3 Inch, .410 OOO Buck. Do you have the “Specs.”, on the spread pattern, at different yards, of this shell? This Gun, is not only, the last Gun, i’ll ever Carry Concealed, but, Truly, a Work of “Art”!…

    • Captain George J. Dowling

      With the 2, 3 inch, .410, OOO Buck Shot, in my “Snake Slayer IV”; a Potential Assailant, would have 2 Chances! “Slim & None”!… Thanks Again, Bond Arms. And, it’s “AMERICAN MADE”!

      • Captain George J. Dowling

        The .410 OOO Buckshot, i prefer to use, i noticed they sell, [comes now boxed as “Hand Gun”?…]. Is there a difference?… And should i not use the .410 ammo, i have for my shotgun. Which, type would you recommend?…

  • Scooter

    I own a 45Lc/ 410 and I love it have owned many small arms weapons befor that lack the knock down that this has I purchased one for my wife and feel she is safer in and out of her car with the 410 in a situation. it is easy to use and safe to carry. Nice product.

  • http://n/a william quirk

    I love this hand cannon,workmanship is great fine looking gun and holster.Just got my ranger disappointed no trigger guard ,ordered it from the pic on BOND ARMS web site .Gun shop owner didnt know the difference either,oh well still a great gun. wondering if I can add a trigger guard ? One other thing ,does anyone know how to make the gun draw eaiser from the holster? Oh, also I’m left handed,wondering if BOND ARMS is going to come out with a lefty draw. Its awarkward for me but I’ll get used to it with practice .. keep up the good work tks,, Bill Q.

    • admin


      I would also recommend that you contact us by phone, Monday – Friday 9am-5pm (CST) 1-817-573-4445 so that we can answer your questions.

    • RON B

      Had the same problem. Talked to Bond and they said that they received a group of holsters from their supplies and they were made too tight. They sent me a new holster and I returned the bad one. The new holster is great. Thanks Bond! Ron

  • Phillip J.

    Shot my Snake Slayer this past week. Couldn’t figure out where the shots were going. Not sure how to get the correct sight picture to get the bullets where I want ’em to go. Reckon it’s not too necessary with 000 buck in the camber though, plus I was shooting targets 5 yards out. Might have been too far but I really don’t want the bad guys getting any closer.

    Really love the gun though. Most beautiful piece of workmanship I’ve ever laid eyes on. Also bought the Snake slayer IV barrel, have yet to try it out though. Makes for a great back up to my other conceal pistol.

  • Fred

    I have s snake slayer enjoy shooting it, except for one little problem the recoil from .410 ammunition
    sheared the upper inside edges of the grips making them loose on the gun. I corrected this problem for now by sanding the grip contact edges and tightening the screw. If the problem continues I will contact the company and work out a solution, till then its a fun gun and I intend to get alot of rounds thru it.

  • Donald Lassiter

    I just purchaced a Snake Slayer IV a couple of weeks ago, and I absolutely love this gun. My wife and I have four other handguns between us, and the Snake Slayer is by far my favorite and the most fun to shoot. It will be my primary carry weapon.
    Thanks for producing such a quality handgun in the good old USA.
    Donald Lassiter
    Ahoskie, NC

  • ed rose

    I bought my cowboy defender three weeks ago and I love it 45/410 and I’m gonna buy the 357 barrel.This gun is awsome and the best part is AMERICAN MADE!

  • Fred Raney

    I own several carry guns, but the Snake Slayer w/ 2 1/2 in, 000 has been my preferred carry. The “driver’s holster” works well and holds securely when on the motorcycle. A solidly made firearm and a real hoot to shoot!

  • Duane L. Hearn

    I have the “American Defender” model and am very impressed with it. Since purchasing it I have become acquainted with your website and wish to say that I am impressed with both. I have been an engineer in the manufacturing industry for many decades and have an appreciation for ingenutity & craftsmanship. Also I have another firearm (TC Encore) that provides multiple caliper options & want to pursue other barrel options for my Bond. If you could provide shortcuts for this shopping I will appreciate the assistance. You guys have done America well!

    • admin


      If you are not able to find the barrel you are looking for in our shopping cart on the site, please feel free to contact us by phone, Monday – Friday 9am-5pm (CST) 1-817-573-4445 so we can get the answer for you.

  • DH in VA

    Question 1: Have you thought of having a small laser designed for the snakeslayer to assist quick off-hand target acquisition in the same way that North American Arms partnered with LaserLyte for a top mounted laser for their 22 Mag mini-revolver? Or do you recommend a trigger guard laser for that purpose?

    Question 2: Are your products illegal in CA, MA and MD only if the .410/45LC is mounted being then defined by those states as shotguns? Are they legal with a .357/.38 Spl barrel?

    Thanks for your response.

  • Fred Raney

    Has there been any thought to lighten the gun by using titanium, or a strong, lightweight alloy and narrowing the profile, rounding edges, making it more concelable?

  • http://greemile harvey koons

    i have snake slayer 45/410 its nice gun , i trade sw 40 cal , for another one any day . u cant beat theses guns , i carry mine 24 -7 , enjoy it thanks