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Bond Arms “Backup” 45 ACP Pistol!

*Retail Value: $410.00*

Bond Arms Backup GiveawayOn August 1st, 2014, a Lucky Gunblast Member will WIN a Bond Arms “Backup” 45 ACP two-shot derringer pistol, courtesy of Bond Arms. Winner must be a member of, and eligible to legally receive and own this pistol in his/her state & city. Winner will be chosen at random from a list of current Gunblast members on August 1, 2014, and contacted via email to claim the prize and verify eligibility. The prize will ship to the winner’s local FFL dealer, where the pistol will be transferred to the winner as usual. All federal, state and local laws will apply. All shipping costs to the dealer will be paid by, and any transfer/background check fees will be the responsibility of the winner. If the pistol cannot be transferred to the winner, whether due to the winner’s legal status or due to local/state laws, another winner will be chosen at random. If we are unable to contact the winner for a period of one week, another winner will be chosen at random.
Bond Arms Backup GiveawayPLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a raffle! We began our periodic giveaways as a way to thank those who donated to help defray the cost of our tremendous bandwidth. As Gunblast continued to grow, manufacturers saw the opportunity to promote their products to our readers while allowing us to increase the frequency and quality of our giveaways. Joining Gunblast does not give our members a chance to win any one specific item, as entering into a raffle does, but rather Gunblast membership gives our members the opportunity to win a variety of prizes for an entire year.


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The Contest Has Ended, Please Stay Tuned for The Next One

Bond Arms “Backup” 45 ACP Pistol!

*Retail Value: $410.00*

To be given away on August 1, 2014

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  • Charles Alfano

    The barrels in 38/357 and 45L/410 should be advailable in the low luster finish also with this frame and grip..

    Thanks for great follow ups

    Charles Alfano
    USCG Res.
    Desert Storm Vet

    • admin

      Thanks Charles.
      We are making a few of the barrels now in the matte finish – you can checkout the online store or give us a call for details.

  • Richard Harris

    Love your guns, they are the best…

  • Tony Helsel

    In the 80’s & 90’s I carried a 22mag derringer, fit in any pocket and I took it everywhere. Easy to load and unload. It was accurate and I could stash it easily in truck or motorcycle without drawing attention, and go into places you are not supposed to have it, like the Post Office. A girlfriend stole it in 94. I really loved that pistol. I miss it muchly, and want another one. Any calliber.

  • George Smith

    Unfortunately, the “butt nuggets” that are in charge here in Kalifornia forbid we commoners such fine products. I do admire all your products and remain on your email list so I can see how free people make their choices.

    Best regards,

  • Tom

    I want to thank you bond arms I was in a bad vehicle roll over accident dec 7 2012 on my way out of town I pack my snake slayer 410/45 long colt with me out of town the handle on it was destroyed in the accident at home when I was recovering my young son got on the site and got ahold of you guys to see how much it was to replace the handle because I was shaken up to how bad it was damaged and he was going to take his saved money and get a new one you guys not only replaced it shipped it at no charge but gave me the larger Handel, thank you so much and I am in debt to you guys forever and all I do is tell everyone how awesome your guns are and how loyal you are to your customers thanx again

    Tom Arnold

  • Wayne Mitcheltree

    1) the .45 back-up be available in California?
    2) Why are Cobra Derringers authorized in California but Bond are not?

    • admin

      We have a special CA legal firearm in the works. Make sure you fill in your name and email to get a free brochure and we will send you a notice when they are available.

      There is an approval process for firearms in CA and if Cobra is selling derringers there it is only due to getting through the approval process faster.

      Thanks for your comments and we will let you know when the CA legal Bond derringer is available.

  • Wayne Hamilton

    I bought a snakeslayer 45/410. I love the concept BUT the length of pull is slightly too long for me. Do you have any models that have a shorter length of pull?

  • http://na Marvin Hacker

    I am looking forward to be a member.

  • Richard Randall

    I already have a Bond Arms 45/410 3.5 inch and 38/357 3 inch. They are a lot of fun to shoot. The pistols are very easy to carry concealed.

  • Merle Brown

    Thank you Bond arms, I purchased the snake slayer IV and was absolutely amazed at how nice of a gun it was and how well it handles. Combined with the driving holster it makes the perfect set up for home defense, traveling and ATVing.