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Bond-Arms-048-1024x681Bond Arms makes the world’s best derringers. That is a strong statement, but to anyone who has handled and fired one, it is a true statement. Made of stainless steel, tightly fitted and beautifully finished, the Bond derringers are strong and powerful. I have owned my Snake Slayer for almost three years now, and it has proven to be a handy and reliable weapon. I carry mine often when out in the woods during warm weather, when rattlers, copperheads, and cottonmouths are crawling. Around the farm, these creatures like to lay under equipment and such, and I won’t tolerate them around the area where my grandkids and their wonderful grandpa play and work. Loaded with a payload of 410 number 8 shot, the Bond makes quick work of dispatching venomous snakes.

Check out the video detailing the Bond Arms Line

The Bond Arms Line

The Bond Arms Line

A Bond derringer is also very handy to wear while driving. I carry mine is a Bond driving holster, which is a cross draw that holds the weapon horizontally on my belt, just to the right of my belt buckle, me being a left-handed shooter. A three inch 410 shotshell loaded with five pellets of 000 buck or something like the Winchester PDX1 makes a formidable car-jacker repellant. Even a load of birdshot at close range into the face of an attacker is very effective. I have covered most everything in detail on the Bond pistol before in my review of the Snake Slayer, so I won’t plow that same ground here again. In that review, I mentioned the wide assortment of Bond derringers available, and in this piece, I will spotlight just a few.

Bond Arms Mini

Bond Arms Mini

First up is a Bond Mini with some pink grip panels. This is the “Bond Girl” gun, and has really been a hit with the women to whom I have shown it. Pictured here, the Bond Girl pistol is chambered for the 38 Special/357 magnum cartridges, but as with any of the Bond Derringers, switching to another set of barrels is very quick and easy to do. Nicole really liked the Bond, and shot it very well, both with the 38 Special cartridge, and then also with the three-inch 410 shotshell, after switching barrels with my Snake Slayer.

Also shown here is a Bond Mini chambered for the 45 Colt cartridge. This weapon has barrels that are too short for the 410 shotshell, and is a good choice for those who want only to shoot the 45 Colt cartridge. Again, extra barrel sets can be purchased to allow the use of several different cartridges on any one Bond frame.

USA Defender

USA Defender

Another derringer shown here is the Bond USA Defender. It is chambered in 45 Colt/410 shotshell, but with shorter barrels, to use the two and one-half inch shotshell, sacrificing a bit of shotshell payload for better concealability. The laser-engraved grip panels are beautiful, with the American flag replicated on the laminated wood.

My favorite of the guns shown here is the Ranger II. It is also chambered for 45 Colt/410, and has a trigger guard, which distinguishes the Ranger II from the Ranger. The black grips look good with the stainless pistol, and the black driving holster is both beautiful and functional. Well-balanced with its longer barrels, the Ranger II just feels right to me.

Texas Ranger

Texas Ranger

The special cased gun and knife set shown here is Bond’s tribute to the Texas Rangers. Not the baseball team, but the special division of the Texas state police. As indicated on the upper barrel, The Rangers have been in service since 1823, commissioned by Stephen Austin, and have been around almost continuously ever since, except during the reconstruction period after The Confederate States were aggressively invaded from the north and lost that war, along with their sovereignty. The Texas Rangers are some of the most respected law enforcement officers in the nation, and have a colorful and interesting history in the formation of the Republic of Texas, as well as the state.

The Bond Texas Ranger derringer in the cased set is chambered for the 45 Colt/410 Shotshell combination. It comes cased with a special Buck knife, laser-engraved with the Bond Arms logo. The pistol grip and the knife scales are made of Texas mesquite wood, and have replica Texas Ranger badges inlaid. This is a good-looking, highly collectable Bond derringer with special serial numbers, and is available for a limited time. The pistol commemorates the 200th Anniversary of the Rangers, which is still twelve years away, but the pistols are only available for a limited time. I like the idea of having the guns done early. Many times, gun manufacturers will issue a commemorative, and by the time it finally gets into production, the anniversary has passed. Bond is thinking ahead on this one. Anyway, it is a beautiful gun and knife set, cased with a glass top, and in production now. These Texas Ranger sets can be ordered direct from Bond Arms, and they will take care of getting it delivered to your gun dealer.

Bond Arms Buck Knife

Bond Arms Buck Knife

Speaking of knives, Bond now has commissioned Buck to produce knives for them. I remember a time when just about everyone carried a Buck 110 folding knife. These Buck knives that bear the Bond logo are made in the USA, open quickly, and lock open for safety. The three and one-quarter inch blades are stainless, and the scales are available in laminated rosewood or black ash, and have a stainless steel pocket clip.

Like all Bond derringers, the ones shown here are fine examples of craftsmanship, and are made in the USA.

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Article by: Jeff Quinn

Original version can be seen here

  • Nick Berardi, Kansas City, Mo

    As you know I have a Snake Slayer and I love it. I always have it with me. However when the trigger guard is in place I find it difficult to fire the gun. I have thought of a design that gives the guard more of a loop under the trigger and provides more room for a full range of motion with your trigger finger. Right now I use my SS with the trigger guard removed. Has anyone else had concerns with this issue?

    • Aaron

      Yes, Nick I’ve had the same experience w/ my BA Century in .410, I ended up putting the trigger guard back on as it helped control the weapon when fired. For sure the trigger was much easier to pull with the guard off…regardless these are great guns & I just ordered another one!

    • Josh Wood

      Nick, I have owned, carried and fired my Snake Slayer for years. I have not had any problem with the trigger guard. Maybe your fingers are larger than mine…? Good luck.

      • Brian

        I believe some shooters that i have let shoot my SS are so worried about the kick they just do not
        pay attention to how there pulling the trigger and find it difficult at first , i have big hands and no trouble! seems a small piece of leather covering the fireing pins on my lap lets me practice the pull without harming the gun.

    • http://Tombstone,AZ Richard Grimaldi

      Same problem. Had trouble firing the Snake Slayer with the trigger guard on, espcially using a two hand grip. With the trigger guard on many times i couldn’t get it to fire unless I shifted my grip or lost my sight picture when i pushed my finger low enough to roll the trigger. When I removed the triggerguard the Slayer fired easiily and I was amazed it had such a nice trigger pull. No need to remember to roll triger finger, I just pick it up and fire it like all my other guns. It would be nice if Bond made a looped trigger alternative available for thise of us unable to master their unique trigger pull. The only good thing about the it – is if anyone gets the gun away from me they probably wouldn’t be able to shot me with it

      • Gordon Bond

        We will have the newly designed trigger by April 2012 that should ease that issue.

    • David

      I own the Snake Slayer IV and have had absolutely no trouble handling or firing it with the trigger guard in place. Maybe your hands and fingers are larger than mine. My wife has also fired it without difficulty even though she has arthritis in her hands.

    • Donald Lassiter

      If you will put the pad of your finger on the center of the trigger and pull back and down, almost like sliding your finger down the trigger as you you pull, you will see that the trigger pulls very easily and smoothly. Also you can safely practice by putting two spent shell casings into the chambers.
      Donald Lassiter

  • Josh Wood

    I saw Jeff’s review shortly after he posted it. This man has convinced me to at least consider buying almost every gun he reviews! I am saving up for that Texas Ranger model. It is a bit out of my price-range at the moment, but it is absolutely beautiful. I hope you still have one for me when the time is right! Keep up the good work guys! Outstanding firearms!

  • Sterling Mathis

    The Texas Ranger Commemorative should also be accompanied with a holster!!!

  • Jerry Burns

    I’ve never had any problems with the trigger guard on my SSIV, gives me more control of the weapon. Only problem I have is for the way I aim, the front sight is twice the height it should be. But then, I didn’t buy it for target shooting.

  • Elbert Elvis

    Perfection!! I can’t say enough about my new Snake Slayer. It performs just like I thought it would, PERFECTLY. I spoke to my local Gun Shop in N.C. and told them to look into carrying this a gun line of concealed carry and any kind of Defense. This little jewel will get the job done. It’s made in Texas and I had rather buy American than buy Chinese anytime. Both my wife and son like the feel of it in their hands.

  • Doty

    I am very interested in the girl bond berringer please send me prices

    • admin


      The Pink MINI just became available and will retail for $387.
      Holsters will run $60.

      If you have a local dealer he can order it for you. You can check the Find a Dealer link on the site to find one if you dont know where the closest one may be.

      • Brian

        Grips do not match picture at all? not a pearl glowing but dull and all the checkering black, very disapointed :-( Brian

        • Brian

          Still love our Bonds!! just grips:-) Brian

        • Gordon Bond

          The original pink pearlite we had on the mini’s didn’t hold up to the
          .357 mag recoil to well and would crack.
          We went with the pink wood to solve this issue eventhough there are pictures
          of the pink pearlites still floating around.
          If you want the pink pearlite, we have a few left and you can get one, but we just can’t
          warranty the grip knowing it might crack.
          Contact Charlie at 817-573-4445 for more info and cost of the pink pearlite grips.

      • Randy Wanner

        Dear Sir, I’m a happy and proud owner of a Snakeslayer , but I’m now ready to invest in your ” new” model,
        the Matte Black Carry with rubber grips in thre 45ACP. Please let me know when and where and the MRP.
        Thank you for your help, Randy

  • http://yahoo RUBEN GOMEZ


  • Henry Johnson

    I noticed under the the lever to release the barrels there is a pin which appears to be marred. Can you add some insight to this? It appears to be punched. Overall, the firearm is beautiful and very solid and am in the market for one.

  • alice

    I just saw the pink Bond Girl grips and was wondering if I can get them for my Century 2000?

    • admin


      If you will go to and let them know, I am sure someone will get back to you as quickly as possible, or you can call Monday – Friday 9am-5pm (CST) 1-817-573-4445

  • ray pitts

    Please show more shot shell pattering. At different distances. For snakes… very interested in your product.

    • admin

      Thanks for the suggestion. We will do what we can to get more on the website about the shot patterns.

  • http://n/a Anthony M. Lajza

    I would like to see: – Your “Safety & Instruction /Manual” Put in PDF format on Your Homesite !!

    Reason: – The Miniature Copy included with your Derringers is just to Dam Small (Print Size) – Even with a “Large Magnifying Glass” – I have one hell of a time trying to read the print ! – I don’t want to purchase a Microscope to read the print !! – – – I have a second Bond Derringer on order ! Can you include a FREE Microscope with the order , so i can read the miniature print ??

    • admin

      Thank you for the suggestion.. we will see what we can do for you. We really appreciate the feedback.

  • Brian


    • Gordon Bond

      Yes, we do sell the MINI barrels.

  • http://-----n/a Tony – TGL Ranch

    Thank You for including the PDF (my suggestion ) of your “Safety & Instruction Manuel” on your Bond Arms website, which will be a Great Help to your customers – – – – – – – – – –

    My other suggestion may also be of help, so here it is again !

    From – Tony – TGL Ranch

    Just a little tid-bit that you can pass-on to your “Holster” buyers,(nylon/cloth) that are
    not preformed as most leather holsters are!

    1. Take a 12″ piece or more of roll plastic, wrap/cover your Derringer (one sheet) about 12″ x 12″

    2. Push Derringer, plastic covered into (New/Stiff) nylon/cloth holster as far as possible

    3 Place plastic covered gun/holster into a vacuum sealer bag

    4. Vacuum and seal bag to remove all AIR

    5 . Let set over night or longer – or re- do again, if needed

    6. The vacuum will form holster to gun and flex/stretch the holster fabric for a better fit

    Note – Leather holsters in general are water dampened, vacuumed ,and left to dry before
    they are stained & oiled. – – Check with “Tandy Leather for more specific info.

    • Gordon Bond

      Thanks for the tid-bits!

  • Marc W. Stauffer

    This is just a note to say thank you to all those that work in your company. It is so refreshing to find an American company that takes pride in their work and in their product. A company that obviously goes the extra mile and a company that must value all the craftsmen they employ to produce such a fine product. Not only is your firearm a substantial instrument of protection, it is a wonderful work of art and a testament to commitment you folks must have to producing a high quality, reliable product.
    Again, my sincerest thanks to your management, design engineers, production craftsmen, sales and office staff. All of your efforts are truly appreciated!

    Marc W. Stauffer
    Enterprise, Oregon 97828
    A proud new owner of a Texas Defender 310/45

  • Gordon Bond


    Thanks for the kind words.
    We try to build the best and appreciate customers like yourself.
    Let us know if you need anything.

    Gordon Bond

  • Jon

    Hi Gordon,
    I was wondering if the new trigger design was being implemented soon? I see on this board that you mentioned in December that a new one would be available around April of 2012. I am looking to purchase one of these but have hesitated when reading your own words about possible upgraded models coming soon….

    • admin


      Please feel free to contact us by phone, Monday – Friday 9am-5pm (CST) 1-817-573-4445 so we can get the answer for you.

  • Don Zades

    I cant seem to get Bond Arms to reply to a request for assistance with my C2K. Ive sent two emails and never got a reply. Whats the problem?

    • admin


      Give us a call, you can find our number on our contact page.

  • Bob Collard

    With the exception of the two minis, all your guns come stock with a .410 / 45 long colt barrel. Is it possible to order one that has just the Texas Defender Frame with a .357 / .38 three inch barrel and Black pearlite grips? It seems funny having to buy a barrel you don’t want and grips that will sit in a box. such a waste of money.

    • admin

      Please feel free to contact us by phone, Monday – Friday 9am-5pm (CST) 1-817-573-4445 to see if there is something we can do for you.

  • annette watson

    I am looking for a longer wood grip for my fiancesbl derringer. He has very large hands and asked for a longer wood grip for christmas. I like the american flag one and the one with the metal sheriff star. Please let me know if and where to order those. Thank you

  • http://yahoo James surface

    Beautiful little wepeons

  • Kenneth R. Meidenbauer jr.

    I just placed an order for a Defender 2 ,cant wait to have it in my hands.



  • Tim Foley

    Please help me to find a”Snake Slayer” in my area (St.John,IN)

    • admin

      Please try looking on our find a dealer page to find your closest dealer and they should be able to assist you in locating a snake slayer

  • Earl Terwilliger

    Most precision made gun on the market in my opinion,I have a Snake slayer and love it.

  • Giles Mitchell

    I had been thinking of obtaining a Bond derringer and the other day my sweet gun believing wife walked into the house with a small black box. It had a texas defender two 1/2 inch barrel. Wifey got a big hug and a kiss. I have been carrying it concealed and it’s nice to have a small howitzer in your pocket. Feels good in this old Marines hand and nostalgic at the same time with great safety built into the gun. I LOVE IT !!!