If I could only one have one gun, this is it

I've been wanting a Bond Derringer for years now and decided it was time to order one, Ordered it through my local dealer, it took four months to come due to some lack of communication between my dealer and his distributor, but no big deal. I am very … [Read more...]

Great Handgun

I haven't shot it yet but the fit and finish looks great. It feels great in my hand and will try the rubber grips later. Maybe I'll find them on sale. Thanks for a great product. … [Read more...]

Disabled Vet’s Home Protection

I have been looking for a couple years for that right shooting, good handling, hard hitting with an attitude of making no apologizes. I found the perfect piece at a local gun show. I didn't hesitate purchasing what I believe to be the perfect weapon … [Read more...]

Accuracy from a Derringer?

Hello Bond Arms; A friend of mine ( Jack Hitt) purchased a Snake Slayer a few years ago and he allowed me to shoot it. I couldn't believe how manageable the recoil was firing 410 loads. He asked me to go on line and buy him a 357 barrel set for … [Read more...]

mr bonds

u have made my would lot safer , now that i carry a bonds , i hade my cgp 24 years , never had use a gun on anyone thank ,god , i use carry amercain derringer , now know i can change barrels , thats a + in my book , thank u for your time … [Read more...]

Trigger pull Snake/Slayer

This may not get posted as a testimonial but I think that there are many Bond arms owners that would like to know this. First off I love my Snake/Slayer. Quality is terrific! I have read about many owners complained about the hard trigger pull. I am … [Read more...]