ya’ll ”done good”

actually ,i'd like to repeat what i wrote earlier-can't remember. what i remember is i bought the snake slayer at zia guns here in roswell nm,then bought the rosewood jumbo grips and shoulder rig directly from bond. I could not be happier with any … [Read more...]


My Bond USA defender . Very very nice. The 45 colt tested well with very little kickback I was surprised. The 410 was sweet and what is spread at 5 yards. At the range people kept coming over and see what was making all the fuss for such a small … [Read more...]



Went to the Nation's Gun Show in Chantilly, Va a week or so back. First gun I picked up was the Backup. Saw thousands of guns, but went back to the one that caught my attention at first. Couldn't be happier with my choice. … [Read more...]

Accurate Beyond Expectation

At 50 feet with a 3.5 inch .357/.38 hitting a silhouette target was easy without a single miss. The recoil firing the .357 was acceptable with no sore palm after 50 rounds. An exceptional firearm. I use it as my main carry weapon. I choose accuracy … [Read more...]

USA Defender


I love my USA Defender. I carry it everywhere. Its dependable and very well made. I have bought 3a diff. Barrels that I can change out easily and in the blink of an eye. I simply cannot say enough about this weapon. … [Read more...]

Virginia PI carry


Licensed bail bondsman and PI in Virginia for many years. I have carried several pistols over the years and luckily have never had to use them but after receiving this Texas Defender in .357/.38 and a set of extended grips (beautiful) and ordering … [Read more...]

Birthday Surprise

Purchased the concealed purse for my wife's birthday and she was so excited with the quality, size, and tooling. She does not leave home without it and it is loaded in two ways. Other women are always admiring the purse and asking where she … [Read more...]

Snake Slayer .45/.410


I have two derringers, a Cimeron with two barrels, .32 and .38 and later bought the Bond Arms .45/.410, what a difference. When you shoot either caliber of the Cimeron one time, you are ready to clean it and put it away. Either caliber seem so small … [Read more...]

Great fun

I recently purchased the Snake Slayer IV and have to say it is one of the most solid handguns I own. On top of that it is a fun gun to shoot. … [Read more...]