big little gun!

Got a texas denfender.Great gun well made and a joy to shoot. Fire it about 25 times so far. 410 holds a good pattern at 25 ft. I am carry it 24-7. Take a well to get use to a new gun.Havent got a holster yet but fits in my jacket pocket good. I want … [Read more...]

Bond Arms is a Blast


This gun really is a hand cannon but not so bad you can't control it. I have fired every 410 load that is out there. I have fired most of the 45 Long Colt as well which to my surprise does not kick as bad as some of the 410 loads?? I purchased … [Read more...]

My New Snake Slayer


Finally had a chance to try out my new Snake Slayer 410/.45, 3.5 barrel and enjoyed every moment shooting it. Having never fired one before I was impressed with the accuracy it had with minimal recoil. This is truly a fine conceal carry weapon. I … [Read more...]


After purchasing my snake slayer, I called a very big friend. He has a 44 magnum pistol, which is so big I have to hold it with 2 hands. I told him it used 45 or 410 shells. He said he had some 45 shells, he would bring them. Turn out the 45 shells … [Read more...]

ya’ll ”done good”

actually ,i'd like to repeat what i wrote earlier-can't remember. what i remember is i bought the snake slayer at zia guns here in roswell nm,then bought the rosewood jumbo grips and shoulder rig directly from bond. I could not be happier with any … [Read more...]


My Bond USA defender . Very very nice. The 45 colt tested well with very little kickback I was surprised. The 410 was sweet and what is spread at 5 yards. At the range people kept coming over and see what was making all the fuss for such a small … [Read more...]



Went to the Nation's Gun Show in Chantilly, Va a week or so back. First gun I picked up was the Backup. Saw thousands of guns, but went back to the one that caught my attention at first. Couldn't be happier with my choice. … [Read more...]

Accurate Beyond Expectation

At 50 feet with a 3.5 inch .357/.38 hitting a silhouette target was easy without a single miss. The recoil firing the .357 was acceptable with no sore palm after 50 rounds. An exceptional firearm. I use it as my main carry weapon. I choose accuracy … [Read more...]

USA Defender


I love my USA Defender. I carry it everywhere. Its dependable and very well made. I have bought 3a diff. Barrels that I can change out easily and in the blink of an eye. I simply cannot say enough about this weapon. … [Read more...]

Virginia PI carry


Licensed bail bondsman and PI in Virginia for many years. I have carried several pistols over the years and luckily have never had to use them but after receiving this Texas Defender in .357/.38 and a set of extended grips (beautiful) and ordering … [Read more...]