new bonds texas

my second bonds , every thing went good on the trade , trade savage new model 1o , even got shells and side holster ,glad i did , like a bull in china shop lol jimmy thanks again bonds . still looking for more in some 38/357 , cal … [Read more...]


It was a long wait, but worth every milisecond once my Ranger II arrived. My wife thought I lost it because I was giggling like a little school girl. I won't get a chance to try it out until I get to the range this weekend though. When I first saw … [Read more...]

Who needs a .380?

After purchasing and test firing my Snake Slayer IV I sold my Colt .380 to a friend. My Snake Slayer is all I need for hidden carry self protection. Fellow members at my game club range are all very impressed by it. Another friend who is also a … [Read more...]

Over 10 years later…


I bought my first Bond Arms pistol, a Century 2000 in January, 2004. Carrying it with me quickly became as natural as carrying my billfold, pocket knife, or even keys, and have dispatched numerous and different varmints over the years with it. In … [Read more...]

Customer Service

Bond Arms has without a doubt THE best customer service in the business! Charlie is great to work with and always has a positive way to help the customer out! Very rare these days... … [Read more...]

Snake Slayer

I saw your derringer in a gun store a few months ago. I went on line and was able to see the many models they come in as well as their accessories. I told my brother the Snake Slayer was going to be my next gun. I began my search. He bought the Snake … [Read more...]

hand cannon

I have a Century 2000,outstanding quality and craftsmanship will be adding several barrels soon.Beautiful workmanship on the holster as well keep up the great work GO U.S.A. … [Read more...]