I Love It!

I've had my Ranger II for about a month, and I do absolutely love it. The fit and finish of the gun is just about perfect. The look of the stainless steel combined with the black ash star grip and the black BAD driving/concealed holster are second to … [Read more...]

Delivery & Quality

I recently ordered a BAD Holster from you and I just want to thank you for such a fast delivery, and also for such a fine quality holster. Fits like a glove, and made to last. Thank you Bond for your fine products and your service. … [Read more...]

A Tennesseeans opinion of the a Texas Defender


As I know, automatic handguns have come a long way. But I'm still not convinced on their reliability. That's why I'm stuck on revolvers. But even revolvers have a drawback...they're heavy and bulky for the most part. So I decided I wanted something … [Read more...]

New (Happy) Owner

Bought a Snake Slayer IV plus a 3" .357/.38s barrel. Haven't fired it yet 'cause it's COLD here in PA. I am excited at the prospect tho. In my opinion this has to be the safest firearm I have ever handled!! I have been using firearms since I was 10 … [Read more...]

Snake Slayer

I have been packin for 40 plus years and have carried the best. There something about my new Bond Arms that just feels right. I don't go looking for trouble and have never had to fire a shot in self defense. This weapon gives me the confidence to be … [Read more...]

Lots of fun

I put about 20 rounds of .45 Colt through my Big Bear last weekend. This gun had less recoil than my Uberti Cattleman. I love the way the gun fills my hand. From the first time I saw the Bond line of Derringers, I have craved one. Unfortunately I … [Read more...]

357/38 special barrel

I recently purchased a 38special / 357 mag barrel for my snake slayer. Not only was it very easy to switch out the barrel, it was a pleasure to shoot. I tried both 38 special and 357 loads. I was surprised at how little recoil I felt, and even more … [Read more...]

California Brown Bear…


Just fired my Brown Bear yesterday for the first time! What an outstanding weapon! Once you get your grip adjusted, and realize that the front sight needs to ride real low in the rear sight, this pistol is VERY deadly. Two back-to-back head shots at … [Read more...]


Just shot it twice, but just had to here her shoot. Lots of noise but the recoil isn't bad at all. Can't wait for some warm weather to shoot some more.Wisconsin is a little cold right now. … [Read more...]