American quality

Late last year I stumbled upon Bond Arms. I’ve always had a lot of curiosity about thses guns, just never paid much attention. I decided to purchase a Snake Slayer and after going to the range with it was hooked. I liked it so much that I ordered a holster and jumbo grips. After all that fun I found the “retro” version on the website. I really liked the look (two tone) so I bought one. With this model I also added new extened grips and a holster. I’ve since bought additional barrels and can say that these guns are a hoot to shoot. As if these we not enough, after meeting Gordon and Amy at the SHOT show, I had to have the new powder coated Back up model. It’s so compact I can’t seem to put it down. If you haven’t tried one of these guns, you should. In addtion to having a solid back up weapon, they are a lot of fun to shoot!