I have contemplated the purchase of a Bond Arms weapon for several years and as of 12/2013 I am finally the proud owner of a Bond Arms C2K and I couldn’t be more happy with my purchase! I have owned many handguns for self defense over the years in the attempt to find the right one for me. My search is over thanks to Bond Arms. I love this weapon! I can actually hit what I’m shooting at and for the first time feel very confident in the ability to protect myself and my family should the need arise. In my opinion there is not a better handgun for civilian self defense on the market. After a very short range session I was able to determine the characteristics of the weapon and feel confident in stuffing it in my pocket (holster is on order) never to leave home without it. You could spend 3 times more for a handgun and not be any better protected. How you can build such a fine handgun for the money is beyond my comprehension, but I’m glad you did. A big thank you to Bond Arms for the last self defense handgun I will every buy! Unless it’s another Bond Arms.

Best Regards,
Paul Gunterman in Florida