Best Derringer Made

I have been looking to purchase a Bond Arms Snake Slayer for some time now, but every shop in town has been out of them because of how popular they’ve become.
A few weeks ago, I finally walked into my local gun shop here in Michigan (Close Quarters Tactical) and as I made my way towards the display cabinet, I was amazed to see a Bond Arms Snake Slayer in 45/410 shining on the top shelf.
There was one customer ahead of me, and I was praying that he didn’t ask to see it, but lo and behold, he did… I patiently waited until he was done fondling ”my gun” and thankfully he didn’t have his wallet on him and had to go home without the gun.
Next in line, I said, ”I don’t need to hold it, look at it, I just need you to go grab the box, it’s coming home with me.”
I left that day with one of my favorite little but powerful carry guns made.
I have never regretted buying that gun, and would recommend it to everyone.
I’ve shot it several times, and it was on my hip one evening when a potential situation arose, and although the gun never left my pocket, it was nice to know it was there to protect me and my family.

It’s one of the most solid guns made, and I recommend it to everyone I meet. Every time I shoot it at the range, everyone looks down to see the tiny gun with the huge punch.

Thanks to Bond Arms for making an awesome product!
Now all I need is a driving holster and my package is complete!

Thanks again, and take care!
John Javery

Submitted by John M. Javery