Bond Arms American Defender = LOVING IT !

Dear Bond Arms:

I am a collector as much as I am a shooter. I feel like I’m a true firearm enthusiast. I never buy a firearm just because it’s the most popular thing out at the time or because it’s cool. I always buy specific firearms for specific reasons.

A number of months back I purchased a Bond Arms .410/.45 Colt Derringer. The model I chose was the USA Defender because I like the American Flag grips. I purchased this derringer because (1) I collect derringers; (2) I chose Bond Arms specifically for the .410/.45 Colt caliber due to Bond Arm’s reputation for quality. I remember when I first held and examined the derringer. The first thing I noticed was the incredably high degree of quality. The second was how comfortable it was/is in my hand. Next was how smooth & easy it was/is to cock it.

As I previously said, I purchased my Bond Arms USA Defender several months back; however, it wasn’t until yesterday (6/15/13) that I had the opportunity to shoot it for the first time. Wow! It was such a pleasure to shoot this firearm. Bond Arms Derringers are worth every single penny and I so look forward to my next opportunity to shoot it. I believe my USA Defender Derringer is the highest quality most beautiful firearm in my collection.

To anyone who might be considering a Bond Arms Derringer: ”I promise, you will not be disappointed.” The quality of workmanship and attractiveness of these firearms are unparallelled. Not to mention how much of a pleasure they are to shoot.

Micah Holland
”Proud & satisfied Bond Arms owner”
Phenix City, AL

Submitted by Micah Holland