Bond Arms builds a great American made, reliable and well built product.

I received a Snake Slayer as a gift from my wife after what started as a joke. We had a small snake in the basement and a friend sent me your web link and thought this would be a good gun to rid the yard of snakes.

I started looking for one at local gun shops and gun shows but could never find one to check out.

After numerous attempts to find one locally my wife and daughter were able to get the local Sportsman’s Warehouse to bring one in from another store and I received it as a father day gift.

It is my favorite gun and the one I carry. Anyone that thinks two barrels is not enough change their minds when we take it out to the range and put a few 410 personal loads through it. The new Winchester PDX1-410 ammunition makes a believer out of them.

Thanks again for a great product.

Scott S.