Bond Arms is the finest company I’ve ever had the pleasure to know.

As the proud owner of a Texas Defender .410/.45 I didn’t think I could be more impressed than I was when I first received my little pocket cannon. Gentlemen, I was wrong. Through my own mistake, not any flaw of the gun, my little friend suffered a broken firing pin. I contacted the factory as soon as I noticed it. After receiving instruction on where to ship my gun I boxed it up and sent it to the factory.

That was on the Friday of Labor Day weekend.

The gun arrived at the factory on Tuesday the day after Labor Day. On Wednesday I called Bond Arms to see if the gun had arrived and after the man I talked to took about one minute to check on my gun I was informed that it had indeed arrived on Tuesday, but that it had
ALREADY BEEN REPAIRED AND WAS SHIPPED OUT THE SAME DAY IT HAD ARRIVED AT THE FACTORY! I was told that it had been shipped back to me next day air FedEx. Well about one hour after I got off the phone, my gun was in my hand again.

Not only is the Texas Defender the finest piece of craftmenship I EVER owned, Bond Arms is the finest company I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. Not only was my gun repaired in record time, but I received a new Bond Arms cap and a free gun lock to boot. I never asked for the free gifts, but they are very much appreciated and even more unexpected. That’s customer service like no other company has. Like I said, the gun was broken because of my mistake so I wasn’t upset with Bond Arms for anything and never implied that I was. Yet your company handled my problem free of charge as the life time warranty states you will even though I broke the gun and sent me the complimentary gifts as well.

I have told everyone I know about my experience with your company and I will be purchasing the custom made 4.25 inch barrells in .45 long Colt as well as a canvas carry bag very soon. I have never been so impressed with any company before in all my 54 years on God’s earth.

Thank you gentlemen VERY much for the finest made handgun I’ve ever owned, and for the finest company I’ve ever worked with. Feel free to use anything I’ve said about my experience and to refer anybody to me for a personal recommendation. You guys are the best.

~proud owner of a Texas Defender and soon to owner of many more Bond Arms products.