Bond Derringer and Holster is Meticulous

Just wanted to give credit where credit is due. I have the Bond Cowboy Defender
iniThere is n.38/357 and the BAD Driving Holster. I have never seen such expertise in the making
of these essentials. Everything right down to the stitches in the holster are made with
the pride and expertise of real craftsman. This gun shoots beautiful in both calibers.
Accuracy will come with some practice and some more practice. Whenever possible I
will recommend your products to all shooters and CW people I know.

Any further information stickers and whatever you can send will be apperciated.

Just as a side note in the one article about 9×18 Makarov’s, they are an outstanding
handgun also. I have a Bulgarian I have had about 8 years and never had a problem.

Like all of your products and when I have something I really want yet, like another
hat and shirt or different barrel,I will be in touch!

Your service and products are second to none!

Thank you for being there for us! Thank you for the personal emails also.

Art Strzelecki-Bethlehem, PA

Submitted by Arthur Strzelecki