california shotgun

My wife and I took a road trip last June and california was one of our destinations (grand daughter graduating from high school). Met for a BBQ with former weapons and tactics guys I worked with at one of the retired officer’s home. I’m a retired, 30+ year peace officer. The subject of concealed carry came up, and I was asked what my EDC was. I pulled out my Snake Slayer, removed a 45 Colt cartridge and a 410 shell and said that I would hope they would get me to my lever rifle and revolver, both 44s, if a situation called for additional self-defense. I also carry knives. Knowing california’s aversion to ”assault” weapons, I brought the ”harmless” revolver and lever with me. It was pointed out to me that my BASS was illegal. What? Oh yes, it’s a sawed-off shotgun! Seriously?! Gimme a break! Nope.

Submitted by Richard