You can’t beat one shot 4 .38 cal hits to stop a threat

A few days ago I put a Snake Slayer into layaway after looking at it and trying it in my hand. I was immediately sold by the fit, finish,and quality of this Bond Arms pistol. I then remembered that I had seen a Bond Arms deringer at a local gun shop. I went to look, found it was a previously owned and gently used Texas Defender. I am not sure of the date of manufacture, but outside of cleaning it is a near pristine specimen. Since I had previously owned a Taurus Judge I have a good stock of defense .410 loads as well as about 80 rounds of Hornady Critical defense ammo.
The Texas Defender has become my primary carry gun, can’t beat one shot 4 .38 cal hits to stop a threat. Reloading is easy with speed strips so I do not feel undergunned. Only thing that I can suggest is that anyone with the .45LC/.410 barrel will want to check each .410 shell in his ammo stock for ease of loading. I have a box of Federal .410 Pistol loads that are inconsistant in the brass and do not all load easily into the chanbers. To have to fumble with a reload could be life threatening.
I look forward to getting my Snake Slayer out of layaway in the next few weeks and begin adding barrels to the pair.

Submitted by John W. Bletsch