Yesterday I tried out some new hand-loads at the range in my Texas Defender with a 3” .45 ACP barrel. I was getting so confident that I tried shooting at 50 yards with my last four rounds (while standing). The first two landed a little short, I compensated and the next two were spleen and hip shots! I’m still kinda freaking out about it. Great work Bond Arms! I’m sure most people would have trouble doing that with a full-size pistol, especially if it was their first time shooting it beyond 40 feet like me! The bullets impacted perfectly sideways at exactly the same angle, they may turn sideways at that range, but they do seem to be predictable. A sideways bullet is more effective than a hollow-point, so it’s even more lethal at 50 yards than 21 feet! I trust this little gun with my life.

Submitted by Seth Jackson