Easy to manipulate and safe, safe, safe.

I was fortunate enough that my wife surprised me with an early birthday present. She bought me a Bond Arms Snake Slayer IV. I have wanted one for many years and owned the competitor’s about 20 years ago.

It was pretty, but it was also dangerous. I mean dangerous in a way that the hammer rested on the crossbar safety and if the hammer was moved any, the pressure would release and pop out the safety. So if you would have dropped it, with or without the safety on, more than likely you would have a bad situation. This is my most favorite part of the Bond is their safety features. Easy to manipulate and safe, safe, safe.

It almost goes without saying, my other favorite feature is the detail to quality in the extreme. I have owned some very nice guns – Smiths, Browning, Colt. Those these were nice, they can’t touch the bank vault type construction of these double barrel pistols. On my particular model the hammer pulls back nice & even with a little bit of authority and the trigger is unbelievably sweet for this type of design. I’ve heard people say this takes getting used to. I read Gordon’s instructions. It was right as rain.

Recoil with 2 1/2″ Federal premium handgun .410 was on par with my Glock 17 9mm. I’ve already put 200 rounds in four 50 round sessions. My first session alone only took me about 20 minutes. My hands weren’t sore, but my face was sore from grinning so hard.

This gun is a blast to shoot.

At 15 to 20 feet it is devastating on a target. It would be ideal as an inside the house gun should the need ever arise. Besides, I don’t like the idea of blasting a 12 gauge shotgun in my house if I had to.  However, my main purchase for this firearm was because it is a work of art. I never really planned on taking it to the range more than once, but you honestly can’t help yourself. It is that fun to shoot.  Here is a little hint. I’m one of those kind of guys who when you have something as pretty as the Bond, you have the tendency to want to buff that stainless out to a mirror shine. DON’T! I know what I am doing because of my background of auto detailing. I have a Baldar buffer, but I am going to refrain from doing this. The reason is you can have a lot of high and low spots (cloudy, uneveness) and round off the sharp edges of the gun. In order to buff a gun to a mirror shine, you need to disassemble the whole firearm. I’m sure some folks have done this already and I’m sure some folks had to send their gun back to Mr. Bond. My hint is use WENOL metal polish. This will keep the brushed stainless look and give you a much-desired shine to your stainless. It is 100% safe on your gun.
It won’t take any metal off. It is non-abrasive. All you need is a 100% cotton rag and some Q-tips. You can repeat the process as many times as you want without any harm at all. Plus, it puts a microscopic protective barrier on the stainless and leaves a beautiful not-quite mirror lustery shine. It will brings out Bond’s stainless. It is stunning.
When I do this process, I disassemble the barrel from the receiver and plug the muzzle and breech with cotton balls, so you don’t get it inside the bore. Also, I take painters tape and mask off the beautiful wooden grips. Not that the Wenol will hurt them, but when you start wiping down the stainless part of the receiver, it just makes it easier. This is a very fun and safe project for anyone to do.

I also purchased their brown drivers holster (BAD). Same thing as the gun itself. Quality rivals anything I’ve seen from Galco. Dillon, Kramer, or anything else out there. In short, it matches the quality of their gun. One other thing before I close. I’m not cracking Taurus Judges. I know the Bond has only two shots. However, when I shot side by side with my friend who has a Judge, all five of his rounds were hard to get out of the cylinder after firing. I mean he actually had to work to get them out. All I had to do was dump. load and shoot. He was still fidgeting with it. I didn’t want to say anything smart, like I was thinking, but I think he will be buying a Bond soon.

Besides, with a Bond you have bragging rights… And a great American company that stands behind their product. What other gun company president can you actually talk to in person or on the phone? Not any that I know of.

Thank you, Greg and thank you, Gordon and all your workers.