Excellent Customer Service

hellbentfirearms-LogoMr Gordon Bond
Bond Arms Inc.
Granbury, Texas

Dear Mr. Bond

I wanted to take a moment to compliment you on manufacturing a excellent derringer as well as having one of the best spokespersons I have ever run across, Amy Graves “The Bond Arms Girl” Last year my youngest son having celebrated his first five years in business wanted to add on a firearms store (Hellbent Firearms). We have a small family private investment company and since our business is to fund and start new ventures we decided to plow ahead. To be honest while I’ve owned guns nearly my whole life I wasn’t an enthusiast and certainly didn’t know enough about firearms to open a new retail outlet, regardless on we moved.

The bottom line is that we had to learn the business from others and learn fast, lots of folks from retailers to wholesalers and manufacturers gave us a quick 10 years of experience in a few short months. We repeatedly ran into Amy and Bond Arms, she was professional, helpful and most of all she made us want to sell your guns. Every time we had a question every time we needed help she was there for us, always representing Bond Arms as the premier manufacturer of derringers.

Lastly, our companies and our family believes in giving back to those who through no fault of their own find themselves in need and especially those who have served our country with honor. There she was Amy Graves, time after time volunteering to help organizations and individuals who needed a hand. Amy represents Bond Arms with grace and enthusiasm and in doing so turns thousands into customers and spokespersons for your product as well as your company, we have all been more than impressed and just thought you should know.

We wish you and Bond Arms continued success.

Best Regards,

Tom Loggia

TRL Holdings Company