I know that the quality of this gun will NEVER let me down


I just wanted to take a minute and tell you just how much I am pleased with my Century 2000. I own an array of other handguns, rifles, shotguns, and pistols, however your Century 2000 is my favorite for many reasons!

First, out of all my guns it is the perfect for concealed carry. It’s small size lets me keep it on me at all times. Also it is the only handgun with a safety which makes me a lot less worried about an accidental discharge.

Second, keeping it loaded with a 410 shotshell also ensures me that in a dangerous situation I am guaranteed to hit my target and be able to get away.

Third, I love that I know that the quality of this gun will NEVER let me down. After shooting hundreds of shells through it I have no worries of a possible jam or any other problem. Its simple yet extremely effective design keeps me comfortable in knowing I will never have a problem.

Also I love knowing that all the accessories, i.e. grips, holsters are also of the highest quality and are custom made to fit my Century 2000.

I look forward to buying some more Bond Arms in my future. It is a breeze to shoot, easy to clean, and all my guy friends at the range love to shoot it too! It packs quite the punch for its small size!

Bond Arms proves that great things come in small packages!

Thank you so much for your time, and the confidence you have given me with a small firearm. I am attaching a picture of my favorite Bond Arms!

Thanks again

Owner, “It’s All the Rage” Hair Designs
Wyomissing, PA