Retired Police Officer “I wouldn’t carry anything else”

Since my retirement last November as a K-9 officer I have carried my Bond Arms Snake Slayer every day from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed. I wear it inside the waistband of my pants with a thin t-shirt between the gun and my skin. I sweat constantly and to this day (about 2 years of carrying it before I retired) there is still not one speck of rust.

I wouldn’t carry anything else, people ask me all the time why I carry this gun. I train drug dogs now and people know I have drugs to train with.
I rely on this gun to protect myself and my family with 100% confidence that if I need it, this gun will be there and ready to perform.
This is the perfect gun and I never hesitate to show it to other officers and encourage them to purchase one as well.
Great little gun!