I’d much rather have something that goes bang, bang rather than something that can go bang “oh crap”

I am writing to say how happy I am with my Tx. Defender in .357/.38. I’ve only had the gun a few days, but have put a couple hundred rounds through it (all Winchester white box as I was just trying to get a feel for it.). My impressions follow:
1) Construction is superb. This is a used piece and it is still as smooth as glass, and reassuringly solid in the hand. It reminds me of my old colt python.
2) While the noise, muzzle flash and muzzle flip with the .357 are impressive, it is not hard to control. If it was semi-auto you might shoot high on your next shot, cocking the hammer brings it right back to target. Frankly, as I bought this purely for ccw, I like the ball o’fire and big noise as bad guy #2 will probably be finding an elsewhere to be.
3) Only 2 shots? The clerk at the dealer asked why I was trading in my Keltec P11 for the Bond. ( A good gun and plenty accurate for what it is and what it costs, it’s just too wide for pocket carry and tends to FTF every 40 rounds or so. This is OK on the range, not so good for ccw, imho.). She asked what I would do if was attacked by four or five guys. I told her I’d ask for two volunteers. The thing is, I’d much rather have something that goes bang, bang rather than something that can go bang “oh crap”. Besides which, if two rounds of .357 hollowpoints won’t do it, we’re probably SOL, regardless of what we carry. Add to this that it rides virtually invisible in a pair Levi’s 501s, even when I sit, and what’s not to love?
4) Accuracy. This thing is amazing. I do not pretend to be a great pistol shot, and I’d just embarrass myself at cowboy action unless I could bring my glock. Nevertheless, I was consistent (after the 1st box) at shooting mostly sub 4″ at 10 yds., and 4″ plus, (but not much) at 15 yds. I haven’t tried it at further ranges because, why? If I shoot someone more than fifty feet away, I’m going to be more worried about the quality of the lawyer than the quality of the pistol.
5) Conclusions. Due respect to Keltec, I feel much better with this gun. It hits accurately at sane ranges and even with the short barrel, .357 hollow point beats 9mm hard ball every time.
Thanks for a great product!