It’s nice to buy quality product made in Texas

I recently purchased a Ranger #68791, my first attempt at a Derringer.
As a self professed pistolero, I did not expect much from a Derringer
but gave in for a try. Wow…Was I wrong. This little dude patterns
bird shot like a dream out to 7 yards, and handles all the loads I
have fed it with outstanding results. It’s intended use as a first
response driver’s side window “cockroach fogger” is right up its alley.
It carries like a feather and puts a 3″ load of 4 shot right on the
money. I am impressed with the pattern on the Federal PD 3″ 000 out to
21 ft. The supplied holster is the real deal cross draw driving rig.
Y’all hit that one out of the park too.

Your workmanship is dead on, and the little guy closes like a bank
vault. I have posted a nice write up on the M14 Rifle Association
forums, where I am a staff member.

Very well done, high five the staff and assembly team for me!
It’s nice to buy quality product made in Texas.

Warmest Regards
Todd V.
Montgomery, TX