Just plain old GOOD people!

When I purchase my Snake Slayer from a Granbury, TX dealer, I really wanted a 9mm barrel but he had none and was not willing to stock one for me! I bought the gun anyway and wound up with one with the 45LC/410 barrel. My next move was to email Bond Arms and tell them my desires. They offered to exchange barrels with me at NO CHARGE!
I might add and even put the 9mm barrel on for me.  Wally, Charlie and the head machinist there that fixed my gun like I wanted it were all great people.

Sure made me want to do business with them!  Just plain old GOOD people!

I am hoping that this will be published in the testimonial section of this website. If anyone wants to email me for any reason at all about the folks at Bond Arms please don’t hesitate to do so.
Thanks again guys, you’re the best!