Love at first sight!

Over the years now I have actively collected and shot quite a variety of fire arms of just about every caliber, make, and model. As a matter of fact I own 28 different firearms. They are all special to me and are for various purposes from plinking to hunting to self defense. Suffice it to say THE LAST THING I NEEDED WAS ANOTHER GUN! Walking into my gun store for some ammo I spotted the Bond Arm pistols. Upon handling it I literally became enthralled. The fit, the finish, the look, as well as the way it felt was the epitome of perfection akin to almost Godliness. It spoke to me like no other gun has before and I had to have it. I live in Arizona where we often get 115 degree days in the summer and as such we need a small pocket pistol for concealment because it’s just too hot to wear much clothing. In short I was desperate for something small that packs the punch of a sledgehammer on steroids and can be carried comfortably and concealed. The Bond Arms Derringer was it period! It is a pocket howitzer on steroids that is built like a tank and has the finesse of a fine Swiss watch. This is American made quality that unfortunately is hard to come by anymore since the Chinese invasion of pure junk we have come to rely on. I am proud of The Bond company for giving us what I consider the finest pistol in my opinion ever made. I ordered the Bond 2000 in 3 1/2″ shooting a .410 and .45 LC, and I will also pick up the 3″ in .357/.38 and go from there. With this kind of concealable fire power I truly feel very, very, safe and that confidence translates into positive body language which in my opinion is enough to deter any attack, and in that regard it fulfills its mission. Thanks Bond Arms