Master Engraver

To: Mr. Gordon Bond


I know there is nothing new about my enthusiasm for your wonderful Bond Derringers. Your products speak for themselves louder then I could describe their beauty, reliability and practicality.

The reason I have to send this note is to pronounce my great pleasure and satisfaction for the manner I am treated by at Bond Arms.

I am a very modest costumer of these little masterpieces, this is only the third Texas Defender that I purchased in seven years. Even so, the first time I was calling in for information on the suggested ammo, I was treated like a VIP client of great importance, with outstanding courtesy and professional attitude. The second time I called in for the needed safety retaining pin, and I was received in the same manner, I was also assured that the part will be mailed out the same day free of charge. I guess this habit is part of your company policies. I still have to praise it and write about it.

Your kind of customer relations practices are unparalleled in regular daily commerce, and unfortunately disappearing from the American culture. Generally indifference and rudeness are becoming the standard ways of dealing with clients, and the attention and kindness at Bond Arms is refreshing and praiseworthy. Such attitude must be highly esteemed and well appreciated.

Thank You for the beautiful guns, and thank You for the outstanding courtesy I enjoy each time when in contact with Bond Arms.

May God bless You All. Happy Independence Day.

BTW I am an engraver of guns, and I keep working on the one I have just purchased. If You are not overwhelmed with work photos from other engravers, I would be glad to send over some pictures of the Bond Derringers I have engraved earlier, and also I could send some of the images of the Bond gun I recently work on.

With Best Regards and Gratitude:
Ivan Tibor Mate

Submitted by Ivan Tibor Mate