I work hard for a living. I solve problems for a living, and I’m expected to deal with any problem I come across without any excuse or help. Everyday I walk out of the house, I have 3 of the best multi-tools money can buy, a tape measure, a wallet that is chained to me, and my Snake Slayer in my pockets (I wear cargo pants). I also carry a pouch with all sorts of ammunition, from bird shot to buckshot to home defense. I’m expected to be diverse, and I expect my CC gun to be the same.
Before I got the Snake Slayer, I carried the usuals: 380s, 9mm, you name it. But I always felt that I was never fully prepared.

I own a competitor’s .410/.45LC, and I absolutely love it, but I can’t carry it everyday because it is so big. When I came across the Bond Arms Snake Slayer in an article, I just had to have one. Finally, I found a handgun that was as versatile as I was, and I could put in my pocket!

Over a year in my pocket, and all is well. Thank all of you for this wonderful, powerful ”multi-tool.” It is just about perfect.

One other thing…I’ve run across some folks that say that two bullets just aren’t enough. I found the perfect way to shut them up REAL fast. I tell them that I load 5 pellet 000 buck. Then I ask ”Can you shoot 10 bullets out of your pistol in one second? No? Well I can. And I bet I’m more accurate while doing it.” I usually don’t get any more arguments after that.

Thanks Guys and Gals!

Submitted by Nathan R.