My Bond Mini

I bought a Girl Mini Bond .357/38 with the pink grips, didn’t want the pink grips, but I wanted the .357/38 caliber so I bought it. I called Bond Customer Service and wanted to purchase a pair of the Rosewood grips and to my incredible surprise they said that they would exchange my pink grips for the rosewood with the star in star for nothing; just send back the pink and I’ll have my rosewood grips. They even sent the rosewood before I mailed the pink ones back, you cant beat that with a stick. Customer service like that just doesn’t exist any longer. Kudos for Bond, their real people there.

I’m a licensed professional body guard and wanted an effective backup that I could easily conceal and the Mini does that in spades. I love this weapon, it’s extreme quality, short range accuracy, knock down power and controllable recoil.
Try it you’ll like it!!

Submitted by Charlie