My favorite small derringer

I watched the show – (Castle) it was a great season finale!  It was even
better for the chief of Police to use a revolver in the same caliber
as his Bond Arms Ranger II!!!!!  Most excellent, very good assets
for a very good and enjoyable television suspense show.  I love the
show, and now that they have brought in my favorite small derringer,
but a large big gun in a Bond Arm Ranger – the show is unbeatable.

I own a Bond Arms Ranger with the long barrels for the .45 Long Colt
and or the .410 3″ shot shell; simply marvelous!  I went back and got
a shorter length barrel set in .32 caliber; so now I can shoot S&W
shorts, S&W Longs,.32 H&R Magnums; and the new .327 Federal; magnums.
So you take something that is practical for self defense and add boat
loads of fun and excitement…..what do you get?  You get this old
Texan,currently displaced to Atlanta, Georgia acting like a kid and
just looking forward to spending time shooting!

Thank you,
J D B.