Never do I venture out to those places without my Defender

I do own a Texas Defender that I purchased new in 2004 S/N 15377 with a .45 Colt/.410 Barrel. I also have purchased two holsters from you and sorry to say I ‘borrowed’ an idea from Your B.A.D holster and made one with a slight cant to the strap to make it easier for me to access both cross draw or strong side. I was offended by the NRA publication (see below) as it makes such a big deal about the Judge and the ammo now available for it. I think you should speak to the NRA and see about having them mention or do an article about your all American made in Texas by Texans products.
I live in Eastern Washington where many areas are infested with Rattler’s. Never do I venture out to those places without my Defender. I’ve not had an encounter but feel confident with it at my side. It is also used depending on the occasion as a back-up or primary carry weapon.

My hands and wrists have given me a lot of trouble since 1971. My left wrist was operated on at the VA in 72′ and it lasted 39 years. The .45 Colt’s I shoot have beaten both to death and my left wrist has gone away completely and will go through a series of operations starting next Monday. It has not kept me from shooting though and will shoot my last match for at least a few month’s this coming Saturday. I have switched to .357 Mag as the reduced recoil has helped with the beatings. Next year after all is healed I will be looking for one of your specials on barrels and buy one in .38/.357 with great pleasure. Please keep the e-mails coming. I support your product and tell everyone about it’s virtues and show mine to and let others shoot whenever possible.

‘Horsetrader Jack’
Life Member  ‘Windy Plains Drifters’
SASS # 57566