Nice job Bond Arms and Thank you

Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and a Bond Arms derringer. I own the Snake Slayer IV and it is a high quality firearm made in the US of A. It’s nice to see Americans can still produce a great product at a reasonable price. For a primary defensive weapon this would not be my first choice because of the 2 shot capacity. After all it is a derringer. As a life saving backup I would trust it with my life. Opted for the 410/45 colt and ordered the 38/357 as a second barrel. Being able to have any caliber you want with a simple barrel change is a rare feat. With the rimfire barrel it’s fun and cheap to shoot and larger calibers are available for whatever your situation. Extended grips are available for us boys with bigger mitts. You will not have wasted your money on this purchase. Nice job Bond Arms and Thank you.

Submitted by Lou Jankos