One handed one pistol

I will start off by saying that I am disabled. I am only able to shoot with one hand. I was taught to shoot in this manner as a young lad. I recently purchased a 31/2″ .45-.410 barrel. I fired the 21/2″ .410 rounds out of it today. I was most impressed by it’s accuracy, and ease of control. At 10 yards, the group was tight and in center of mass. The shot was not spread out as I expected, but rather in a straight line top to bottom. Even more impressive was the wound channel the wad made on the target. I would not expect the wad to have much if any effect on a live target, but on paper it made a very ragged hole.

I compared the holes made by the .410 to my .32 magnum. Very little difference in size. The .410 was perhaps a 10th larger. This is a firearm and round that I am comfortable in carrying, and feel as though I am under gunned. To quote Mr. T, ” I pity the poor fool that comes up against it!”