Awesome little gun

I purchased the Texas Defender derringer about a month or so ago that had the 38/357 caliber combination 3 inch barrel. This weekend was the first chance I have had to fire the pistol. It was awesome. I shot almost 50 rounds of 38 special ammo … [Read more...]

Great Fun

Fired all ammo 45, .410 and 22LR and loved them all. Fun to shoot, all my friends wanted in on the action. This is a precision well made firearm. … [Read more...]

Snake Slayer IV


I ordered the two tone star grips and love the look of them on my little viper. Nobody believes it shoots a 45 LC or 410. I love shooting it at the range and to watch people's reaction to the sight and sound of it. Thanks again for getting the grips … [Read more...]

Texas defender

I live the look and feel of the gun. The only problem is that it has a very hard trigger pull. It is way too tight and takes a lot of pressure to squeeze. Is thare ant adjustment I can make? Would really like to hear from you ASAP !! Thank you. … [Read more...]


The Snake Slayer IV is my second Bond handgun....It is well balanced and solid...shot an old discarded car hood three times with 3 inch 410 000 buck shot..It looked like it had been hit with a bazooka! Fun fun fun! … [Read more...]


Got the Snake Slayer for woods carry, for snakes and personal protection. it serves its purpose extremely well. Taken a whole lot of snakes and several rabbits. Decided on a 10mm barrel to back up my Glock 20. Wholly molly it is a BLAST to … [Read more...]

nice gun

bought the gun last winter took it out to shoot it in the spring . found that 357 loads are very uncomfortable to shoot! tried 38sp much better but shot way to low at 7 yds. settled on 38+p they shot to point of aim and didn't try to break my … [Read more...]

Big Rattler Snakes


We own a Farm in North Alabama, Pine Mountain. I have killed over 150 Rattlers with my Snake Slayer through the years. About a week ago my 10 yr old son was riding his motorcycle down our long driveway, he almost ran over this 5 foot rattler. He … [Read more...]

One fun little gun


I waited to send this until I had my order of barrels in other calibers. I purchased the Backup Matte .45ACP. I am a gun collector and I was thinking about adding a Derringer to my collection. But, they are usually always Stainless Steel and I … [Read more...]