nice feel

Enjoyed shooting my new toy. Shoot both 410 and 45 caliber. The gun has a nice feel and very impressed with it quality. … [Read more...]

Best Quality

I recently purchased a Texas Defender. This is the highest quality handgun that I have ever had the pleasure of handling in my 67 years. The fit and finish couldn't be better in my estimation. I ordered another barrel from my dealer when I picked the … [Read more...]


As a long time shooter,hobbyist and gunsmith I finally was able to get my hands on a new Ranger 2 (Canada) and well... let me tell you it is a winner .You can feel the craftsmanship and quality as soon as you hold it in your hands.This gun is a great … [Read more...]

Ranger 45/410

Very good handling, no problems what so ever with 3" 410 load. Shoots just as easy as my Taurus Public Defender. Smooth as butter with substantially lest bulk and weight. Great product, will definitely be a repeat customer.I have nerve damage to … [Read more...]

love my texas defender

Love my Texas defender in 38/ 357. Great shooting gun and very well build. I am sill looking for my brochure, it's been over a month. … [Read more...]

Bond Snake Slayer

Yes I have fired this handgun 26/30 times with reloads ,, 200grn lead hollow points using 13.5 grns of weighed Blue Dot,, did not chronograph them but accuracy was surprising,, was able to keep them in a 10 inch circle from 15 yds , fired 2 2.5 in. … [Read more...]

2 shots, one hole

I submitted my testimony over a month ago but you never posted it. It included a picture of a target with a one hole tow shot group at more than ten yards. still waiting to see it. … [Read more...]


Went out and finally had a chance to shoot. Well I am amazed kicks like a mule but the damage down range was great. It's nice to carry a double barrel shotgun on my hip. … [Read more...]