Got The Backup

I was lucky enough to get the only Backup that was in stock. I had been researching them and knew I wanted this model for sure. Hadn't got a chance to shoot it yet but I am looking forward to it. … [Read more...]

Great solid gun

My Ranger ii showed up today........what can I say I have several different handguns and I foresee this one getting the most use what a fun hard hitting little gun!!!!! Thanks Bond Arms … [Read more...]

Proud New Owner of a C2K

I want to thank you folks for manufacturing a quality pistol that by far is vastly superior to any other gun manufacturer in the world to include Ruger, Colt, Smith & Wesson and other fine firms. It is the epitome of perfection that America once … [Read more...]

My Snake Slayer

Just want to thank Gordon and the team at Bond Arms for a quality firearm. You are what makes America great, building a business from scratch. My Snake Slayer is now my favorite gun in the safe, and what can I say 3 in 000 buck packs a hell of a … [Read more...]

Great guns

I bought your texas defender in 410 / 45lc it shoots great I carry it as a 2nd gun my next will be the snake slayer thanks for making great products Matt … [Read more...]


Bought the USA Defender yesterday and went to the range today with friends. I started out with a .45 colt and then a .410 handgun round. The .45 was pretty tame but the .410 was a lot of fun. I have a large home defense gun in .45/.410 and was … [Read more...]

Love at first sight!

Over the years now I have actively collected and shot quite a variety of fire arms of just about every caliber, make, and model. As a matter of fact I own 28 different firearms. They are all special to me and are for various purposes from plinking to … [Read more...]

Texas Defender 44 Mag

I purchased this incredable, beautiful, little piece of up close and personal protection brand new, a number of years ago. It has only been fired 6 times. Serial #1560. Everybody that I show it to wants it. The really great thing that I like about … [Read more...]

Just Got it

So far so good... Only had it for a day and have not had a chance to shot it yet. I like how it feels in my hand... I well get a chance to shoot it in the next week or two... … [Read more...]