My new Cowboy defender

Absolutely love this "little" sidearm! I have the 45/.410 barrel and it shot like a dream. Conceals/carries very well, barely notice it's there. The recoil wasn't much more (extremely manageable) than my Ruger SR9C and it shredded the target! Time to … [Read more...]

USA Defender

I picked up my USA Defender just prior to the 4th of July. Some family , friends , and myself did some shooting on the 4th, and everyone loved my derringer. It is a blast to shoot ( no pun intended ). It looks awesome,it shoots great,and it's built … [Read more...]

Very pleased with Backup

I shot my backup for the first time today. The recoil was much easier than I expected. I was shooting at seven and ten yards and I was pleased with how accurate it was. I also put on the 9mm barrel and loved the way it shot. Definitely a top quality … [Read more...]

Super Service (Thanks Kelly)

I sent my older stye Snake Slayer IV off for the trigger upgrade. It arrived at the Bond Arms factory on 8/6/14. I just got the email today that my Snake Slayer will be delivered via UPS tomorrow , 8/13/14. What incredible service. Bond Arms only had … [Read more...]

Perfect Fit


I had been unable to find a satisfactory way to carry my Texas Defender while riding my motorcycle until I purchased and used the BAD Driving Holster! The fit was perfect and the "usability" was just what I wanted. Thanks, Bond Arms, for providing … [Read more...]


Bought a mini .45 Colt on a whim. Amazing quality and construction. Now I'm looking for a .410 so I can shoot skeet with a derringer. The greatest backup for a Judge! … [Read more...]

45 Backup


Fired my 45 Backup today...loved it...shot at 5 yds and 10 yds good hits on target...moderate recoil, nothing of note, would recommend this as a great backup gun...small, potent and accurate...also very easy to hide on your it! Ron … [Read more...]

Sake Slayer Iv

Great pistol I own 2 the upgrade to the trigger and hammer was well worth the money. Thanks fo a wonderful pistol. … [Read more...]


I bought the ssiv wit a 4.25" barrel. The gun was able to shoot 45 colt and 410. shot gun shells. the 45 colt was not fun to shoot. The gun kicked to much and the trigger pull is very difficult. I purchased a357/38spl. barrel and I like that … [Read more...]