Snake Slayer IV Kick


i read a lot of testimonials before buying this model especially in regards to the .410/.45 Long Colt and everyone pretty much states its a mild to moderately decent recoil. went to the range today and tried 000 buck and 00 buckshot. now you … [Read more...]

BAP for my “BACKUP” .45

I bought this holster In order to carry off duty without having to where a "cover" shirt. And this holster does the job. BUT as of now EVERY time I draw from this holster the holster comes Out with the pistol! Maybe if the smooth side was on the … [Read more...]

Finally Figured It Out

About 4 years ago I bought a new Snake Slayer (SS). I ended up selling it within 6 months because I allowed myself to be influenced by the semi auto stampede. I had also failed to properly educate myself on how to effectively carry, cock, hold and … [Read more...]

In-law ignorance

Brother In-law asked why I bought a 2 shot pistol..."what good is it?" he asked while boasting about his nine that was stored and locked. I explained that when adrenaline kicks in he will have to unlock his weapon, then frantically spray 9mm rounds … [Read more...]

Art in leather

I purchased a while ago, your BAD driving holster and i was amazed at how beautifully made it was. However it works just as good as it looks. Your BAD holster sits so comfortably on your belt you could easily forget you were wearing it. Drawing it … [Read more...]

One Life… One Gun

As a retired Marine and proud carrier of a Texas CHL, and owner of a few handguns, the one that I carry when I ride is my Ranger 410 / 45 LC. This one gun is designed to provide personal protection within seconds when no Law Enforcement Officer can … [Read more...]

shooting the bond Derringer

Yes I have shot my Bond with serverl loads of 45 colt from mild to a little wild 200gr to 255 lead and jacketed first thing this is no target gun but will suprise you how well it shoots with in its range as for full body hits ones you desided on a … [Read more...]

Bond 1 rattle snake 0

Tried my Bond derringer out on a 3' rattle snake that was too close to my house and dog. Snake is no longer an issue. #4 2 1/2" 410 works very well. Whish the trigger pull was a tad lighter. … [Read more...]

Too of the classy carry handgun!!!

Bought a Texas Defender, love the feel and weight of it. Later I purchased a snake slayer barrel for it . AWSOME!!!! Have purchased the bad ass driving holster for it and is really comfortable to wear . Plan on buying new grips and more caliber … [Read more...]