Great for Cowboy side matches!

I just bought the Defender 2000 with the .45 Colt/.410 barrel and it shoots to point of aim, the trigger pull is much better than what was used to and the recoil is not a problem at all, very mild. Thanks for a great product! … [Read more...]

concealed shotgun

Took my Texas Defender out to check the kick. surprised me. not nearly as much as I anticipated. 20 feet with .410 guage 3 pellet double ought buck. Great coverage on paper plate. very stable in hand, no waivering. Easy to cock and fire. Like the … [Read more...]

Hoot to shoot

I purchased a bond arms back up. It is a hoot to shoot! I found the trigger low for my smallish hands so I pull the trigger with my left hand (I am right handed) which I find is perfectly placed for the job. It also keeps my left hand well back of … [Read more...]

My New EDC!


Purchased my Snake Slayer two weeks ago and have about 200 rounds through it. I did purchase a second three inch .357/.38 barrel. The Snake Slayer is very manageable to shoot. This is my new EDC! See photos, shooting at 20 feet. … [Read more...]

My first shoot

My first shoot of my Snake Slayer was awesome. It is really a " hand cannon". I also fired my 40 S&W barrel. Very easy to change barrels. The 410 defense ammo in the gun is devastating. Very happy with my purchase. … [Read more...]

The Powerful Snake Slayer

I waited a while longer to test my small cannon because I had wanted to enjoy my time with my friend who also had ordered the Snake Slayer IV. We both fully enjoyed firing our cannons even though we had to adjust to controling our aim because of 7 … [Read more...]

bar non quality

I just purchased a bond arms Texas Defender and Im in love , this is by far the best quality hand gun 45/410 have been back to them twice for new barrel ,holster ,extended grip. Im so sold ond this company Im going to get back my ffl . Try it feel … [Read more...]

Its a TANK

I bought the Snakeslayer some time ago. It has been as reliable as it gets. Shooting the .410 OOO buck shot can be like hanging on to a handful of badger, after the first ten rounds...but what else can you expect from a one-handed shotgun. It is a … [Read more...]

Thrilled to own Mini

Bought Mini derringer 1-1/2 yrs ago . Have wanted a derringer for along time. Have been shooting since I was 6. Am now 59. The mini shoots great. Lower barrel using .38 Spl. Shoots 3" below top barrel and hits target perfect at 12 yards. I love it! … [Read more...]


well I've bought 3 derringers from u the Ranger 2 was the first then I bought the backup in 45 acp then I bought the Texas Defender in 357 Mag an I bought a 10 MM barrell for my back up an I'm going to buy more barrells to so i think everyone can … [Read more...]