The difference is amazing!

I live in California and am old enough to remember the other makes of derringers available at the time and now after picking up my CA Brown Bear derringer from Bond Arms I know that there is no comparison. I was amazed at the improvements over the … [Read more...]

My Century 2000

Fired my pistol using American Eagle 45 Colt 225 Grain soft point, Federal Premium 410 2 1/2in 4 shot 950fps, and Winchester PDX1 410 Defender 3in. 750fps. Overall performed well, good feel for me, good accuracy at 15ft (5 meters), even though the … [Read more...]

holster and grip

I just received my extended pearl grips and my bad-driving holster (black). the grips fit tight with no open seams. an excellent made grip. the holster is well made the black is real sharp. … [Read more...]

What gun?

I now strongly suspect that "My Gun" is nicely wrapped under the Christmas tree. Until now, it was just a suspicion, but now, with your E-mail, I am more sure than ever. Normally, I would be upset at knowing my present ahead of time, but now, I … [Read more...]

Rustic Ranger


What an outstanding piece of stainless steel, Thank You Bond Arms and Merry Christmas to you and yours. Terry … [Read more...]

Backup Coolness…

I got my Bond Arms Backup in 45lc two weeks ago and I can honestly say this is one of the neatest, coolest guns I own...and I own a few!!! It takes a few draws from the holster to get a feel for it because it is so different from traditional … [Read more...]

SS 3.5 is GREAT!


I took my wife shopping for a CCW gun and we looked at a wide variety of pistols. We quickly realized that she doesn't have the hand strength to operate a semi-auto so we were looking for other options. We ended up getting her a Snake Slayer 3.5 … [Read more...]



My cowboy defender and holster I just got there both extremely well-made couldn't be happier thank you … [Read more...]

Hands On Service

I bought a Backup from a local dealer. After I placed an order for the 50% of barrel deal I got a call from Bond Arms asking if I was aware the Backup I had was a California Compliant which I did not I just thought it was the model that you could … [Read more...]

Better than a shotgun

At night when I'm snug in my bed I can afford to dream of sugar plums dancing in my head!! Why?? Because I've got my BOND RANGER with self defence 410 ready under my bed. Great product to put you and yours at peace and confedent when your at rest. … [Read more...]