Nothing like it

I have judges and really like them but there is nothing like the same power of the .410 and the .45 which happen to be my favorite two rounds in a derringer It is built like a tank and even though i usually make my own leather holsters I ended up … [Read more...]

small but what a kick

when i first seen the cowboy defender in the local gun shop in kingsport TN i fell in love with it and knew that the cowboy defender would be my backup weapon just as fast as i could get it paid for. came straight home and set me up a target, which … [Read more...]

Very Impressed

I purchased My Texas Defender in .410/45 w/2 1/2" barrel about a month ago from Williams Gun Sight in Davison, Michigan, as a Back-Up to My full size 9mm. I was very impressed with the quality of workmanship and materials used in manufacture. Have … [Read more...]

Praise Long Overdue!!!!

I have had your Texas Ranger in 45LC/410 3" since about 1998 (now I have 6 additional barrels for it) and have nothing but the finest praise for it. I retired as a Police Sergeant in 2008 after 40 yrs on the job and can say that this derringer is … [Read more...]

My Ranger II

I loved this piece since I first saw it, I have purchased the 38/357 barrel for it and have had the 410/45 barrel engraved in a Celtic knot. I have a decent sized handgun collection and this is my favorite. It always gets attention at the range when … [Read more...]

Customer Service

It was so refreshing to do business with a Company that still has integrity, and stands by their word. I recently had the privilege of of dealing with Joe and Charlie in Customer Service at Bond Arms. This company not only produces the finest … [Read more...]

I’m into Bond Arms


Bought my first "pocket cannon" a few years back while living in Texas it's a Snake Slayer. When I wanted something a bit more compact I got the mini. I like having the option to change out the barrels to try different rounds. I'm a collector of … [Read more...]

Best Valentines Present Ever!!!

I just bought my wife the Texas Defender for Valentines day and gave it to her early because I am going out of town. It doesn't get any better in such a small package!!!! I have a Taurus judge magnum and love these two calibers together. I am super … [Read more...]

One handed one pistol

I will start off by saying that I am disabled. I am only able to shoot with one hand. I was taught to shoot in this manner as a young lad. I recently purchased a 31/2" .45-.410 barrel. I fired the 21/2" .410 rounds out of it today. I was most … [Read more...]