Have I shot my Rustic Ranger yet ?


Wow...what a fine piece of machinery, with some kick, Now my friends want one. Thoes 410 shells are scary cool to shoot, wouldn't want to be on the receiver side of that buckshot.... Merry Christmas to me, and Merry Christmas to you people at Bond … [Read more...]

Love the Backup!

Great little pistol and what a joy to shoot! The rubber grips help keeping the snap manageable and the grip firm. I find myself carrying it as my CC choice when I don't have the option to go with something larger. … [Read more...]

Pleasantly surprised!

Took the California approved Big Bear to the range. I was pleasantly surprised with how well it handled the 200 grain 45 colt cartridge with a very manageable recoil. The Big Bear is accurate at self defense distances (5 yards and less) with no … [Read more...]

New Backup

Hello, I recently got a New Bond Arms Backup 45ACP Hand Gun. This isn't my first Bond Arms Hand Gun,, I purchased a Snake Slayer about four or five years ago after seeing an ad in the Blue Press. I ALWAYS loved the look and style of the old … [Read more...]

new 38/357 3 inch

i put about 20 38special rounds through my new bond arms derringer today in a short indoor range session. i also shot new-to-me/used s&w 38spec airweight snubbie and ruger bearcat 22lr. i have a 410/45lc barrel too but today's range forbids … [Read more...]

Ranger 45colt/410


It didn't take me long before I took it out on the rang and shot it a couple of times. I also carry a 1911-45 commander and the Ranger does not any more reqoil then it. I really enjoy carring it as my primary CC for its impact with the 410 multiple … [Read more...]


I just recently purchased a Snake Slayer IV and I have to say that it is absolutely amazing. The size, weight, quality, appearance, and every other aspect of this firearm is just perfect. I was a little nervous of shooting it at first as I have read … [Read more...]

Extended Stag Grips


These grips are truly a work of art! The are very well made and fit like a glove on my Ranger2. I know for sure I will order at least another pair in the near future. … [Read more...]


I just bought this a few weeks ago and just got to use it at the range. Oh my, this shot great and was right on the money at 5 and 15yrds. The 357mag barrel was great. I also have the 9mm, again right on the money!! Great job!! … [Read more...]